A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


The only surprising thing is that they charged him.


The whole thing is good, but skip to 21:23 if you want just the key bit.




Congressman Swamp Thing is still going to be on the ballot after our local GOP guys couldn’t figure out a way to get him off it



If you dare.

What a crock.


Nah not taking that bullet for the BBS.


I don’t, because I already know:



Now, to me that sounds like interference in an ongoing investigation.

It should be interesting to see Robert Mueller’s riposte.




Oooh! The Lautenberg Amendment! Scientology lobbied for that one in 2011 and 2015.



I wonder how many Scientologists are getting in thanks to Putin’s persecution of Scientology? (And how many of the Scientologists are actually Putin’s agents?)


Yeah, there is no way this could possibly backfire…


Pee tape drama. You know, typical Hollywood stuff.


I wonder how Trump is gonna attempt to lie about those sales numbers


When considering any economic reports of Trump’s presidency, one will have to take into account all the media business he has created by being fucking terrible. That and being divisive. has any president ever generated a market for so much merch on both sides?


Rubio appears to have decided to get in on the Hatch Act violations and public harassment of his constituents…

I cannot wait to hear Jack’s explanation for why this is not a violation of Twitter’s TOS.



Trump: My health and stability will help GOP beat Democrats’ conflicting messages this November