A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


The time for peaceful opposition craven cooperation is over.

What we’ve seen so far was not really opposition at all; the corporate Dem votes to expand the military, empower the police and confirm Trump’s judges were collaboration, not resistance.

But real opposition does not need to be violent.


Maybe not yet but how about a general strike? Does the states have a history of those?


Now we’re talking…

Not a lot on a national basis; probably the closest was the Bonus March.

But check out the history of pre-war American unionism.

(not an example of peaceful resistance, but it does demonstrate the scale of the radical tradition in the USA)


While you sit in the outback we are faced with a choice. Good guy approach is failing. Violence is required. There is no other option. Voting will be comprimised and void.


Violence is the tool of last resort. Not just for ethical reasons, but because it is usually ineffective.


Non-violent resistance is not just safer, it is also the tactically superior option in most circumstances.

But non-violent resistance does not mean polite. It does not mean law-abiding. It does not mean weak. It means get in the way, make noise, piss people off and shut shit down.

So far, apart from isolated incidents (BLM, Occupy ICE, etc), serious non-violence has not even been tried. Do not confuse the useless kayfabe of the Democratic Party with actual resistance.

I don’t disagree with that, BTW. There is still some role for electoralism at the local scale, but it is almost certainly a lost cause at the federal level.

But there is an entire spectrum of strategy between electoralism and armed insurgency. It’s worth giving those methods a chance before going full Maoist.


When you come to America let’s see how you feel.


Gotta say I agree (yet again) with @Wanderfound

Violence just gives the other (and stronger) side a justification for fighting back, which they’ve always done with far more violence.


Easy there.

A directionless, unfocused uprising is swiftly and easily put down, plus it is used to justify a far more brutal counter-revolutionary regime.

I can’t, in good conciense, ask people to take up arms.

What is far more effective is organized but decentralized resistance. An underground railroad, of sorts. Hit the bastards in power in a thousand annoying but deniable ways: make them uncomfortable. Hearts and minds are more valuable than martyrs.

Gods, we’ve lost so many good people.


Um, read the room for a second dude


I’m driving a van in Nov carrying voters to the poll. How’s that?


Still waiting for the big payoff of this supposed “performance art” because it’s getting really old.


Is there really a fan base in 'murica for this guy? I just don’t see the MAGA hat wearing crowd cranking up Kanye in their pick up trucks on the way to a trump rally.


Ugh, those Twitter comments are as bad as YouTube’s.


What a fucking sham.


Nevertheless, he will be celebrated as a hero who speaks out against the bigoted democracy… pardon me, Democrats.

Just FTR, ever heard of Xavier Naidoo? Quite a successful act in Germany, person of colour - but publicly endorsed far-right weirdos of the highest order, so called Reichsbürger. I asked myself the same question: would a Reichsbürger gathering have his music playing in the background while discussing the invalidity of FRG passports?



Damn you for hurting my eyes like that!



At the same time, I feel better about my own middle-aged torso. Shirt or no shirt. So, thx for that, @FGD135.


As long as some good came out of my retinas being burned by that shit…