A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Some of them seem to be more like fish tanks. For breeding swamp creatures.


I think God is trying to tell them and the conservatives watching this something


If Christopher Browning is starting to get worried…

BTW, if all you folks haven’t read Ordinary Men, please do so. It’s a distributing but necessary history of how the holocaust itself unfolded and the role of ordinary germans in making it happen.

Also read Primo Levy, at the very least The Drowned and the Saved:



Ah, the ol’ Christine O’Donnell excuse.


The dehumanizing of the left continues:


Mob? I wish!



Fucking $325k for that stunt. Tax dollars at work right here.

Meanwhile, fuck all those homeless people camped outside the arena.





Here’s Huckabee getting Huckadragged in front of millions on twitter


Anyone genuinely expecting him to do that has not been paying attention for the past 12 years. Anyone expecting him to be bothered by the insinuation that he’s perhaps not being entirely fair and reasonable has also had their head in the ground for at least as long.


Rosenstein is safe, until Trump needs another distraction.


Scary stuff


That sounds out of character for a family values conserva…

bahahahah… who am I kidding, that sounds totally in line with them these days.


TayTay is drinking those alt right & Huckabee tears today

If you don’t want to read the whole thing let’s just say she was able to get a month’s worth of voter registration numbers in the past two days alone on a voting site.


Another one gone.

Kanye to replace? /s/??


Trumpian-ish but relevant.


Maybe Jared will get a promotion.