A round up of Trumpian events 🍊🍊🍊


So it is, in fact, 100% true that this memo was drafted and sent to the WH for consideration.


I agree that the memo needs to be published as well.


Maybe I'm just clinging to the only bit of sunshine I see, but every one of the linked articles above calls them "unauthorized immigrants" instead of "illegal", so that's something, right?


Here's the 100% totally false memo.


White House plans to crack down on legal recreational pot

Or it's some sneaky way of attacking people who are cooperating with law enforcement but waiting on documents.


Yes, but technically aren't they STATE troops, not FEDERAL troops?


The last time that Bush had Natl Guard patrolling in TX (war on drugs, not immigration), they shot a teenage kid who was out herding his goats (his family had been on the same plot of land for hundreds of years).


Yes, and?

You may need to read the Act more carefullly. Think it through, come back.


I don't want to. That's why I politely asked you for clarification, since you usually seem to know what you're talking about.


oh, ok. In short, the governors would have to mobilize the troops to be deployed, within their own state borders. The president can't do that without governors. There's more nuance if you want to find it, I don't think the President is allowed to do such a Domestic Mobillzation, and there are lots of governors who would not be on board.

Aside from the likely crime, it would be a tragedy!


Kelly is trying to turn DHS into U.S. Southern Command. As the former Commander of SouthCom, he is probably responsible for creating some of the refuges that try to cross the border.

He stated that he wants to take the "fight" to the interior of the US:
We must augment our expanded border security initiatives with vigorous interior enforcement and administration of our immigration laws in a manner that serves the national interest. This effort will include greater cooperation and coordination between DHS’s operational components, which are responsible for administering immigration benefits and enforcing our nation’s existing immigration laws.
He even acknowledges the following, but per the "deportation memo", remains steadfast that all undocumented immigrants need to be removed.
Last year, over 415,816 migrants, mostly from Central America and Mexicoβ€”including over 137,614 unaccompanied children and individuals travelling in family unitsβ€”were apprehended on our southern border. Many of those arriving at our southern border have fled violence, poverty, criminal networks, and gangs in their native countries. While the vast majority are fleeing violence or seeking economic opportunity, a small number of individuals could potentially be seeking to do us harm or commit crimes.


At least a couple Repub Governors are reluctant... (I'm sure TX and AZ are ready to deploy)

Utah for the right reason (constitutional issues, Arkansas because they are already stretched thin)




Geez, my wife was upset about the USDA allowing tongue and heart into ground beef (even though she hasn't eaten any ground beef in years)... Wait until she hears about the new chicken guidelines...


I Put on My Robe and Wizard Hat



This man is totally stable and rational. He is in no way completely out of his fucking mind and unfit even to work at that receptionist desk in Mar-A-Lago where he pretended to write his inauguration speech.


Awww he left out the bbc. He seemed to have such a hard-on for jon sopel at the press conference...


First amendment, schmerst amendment.


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