A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


No kidding.

Her book appears to have gotten good reviews critically and on Amazon, but there’s enough depressing stuff on my reading list to keep me miserable until July at the earliest.



I do like the cut of her jib; sort of a smart brooding creative type with self starter skills:

“She received an undergraduate degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 1994, and later studied at MIT and Harvard as an affiliate of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism. In 2009, she founded Nieman Storyboard, the narrative nonfiction site for the foundation, which she edited until 2012. Before that, she was a freelance journalist, a music critic, a portrait painter, a French translator, a record store manager, and a martial arts and self-defense instructor (but not all at the same time). She grew up in West Virginia and currently lives with her family near Washington, DC.”


Usually can’t stand Kimmel but I guess this is cool that he’s doing something like this

Also worth noting in this video, federal prison guards who watch some of the country’s most dangerous criminals (which include ACTUAL ms 13 members) aren’t being paid during the shutdown D:


I was just playing a billiards app on my phone on the subway, and apparently had juuust enough of a data signal for a " Help me build the wall" ad from Trumo to appear. Classy.



“Cable news networks, including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, will also show the response, amid concerns that Trump would use the bully pulpit to make unsubstantiated claims and would need to be extensively fact checked.”

We all know which facts FN will be going with.


He becoming more and more isolated

If the TV ratings tonight turn out to be really poor for him, I’m affraid he’ll really go off the deep end


Well not from Uncle Sam, but probably a bit to stay afloat from MS 13 now.


If it’s an empty pool, I’m ok with that.


It did not occur to me that trump’s $12 BILLION farmer bail out would be affected by the shut down but, it’s coming…

Yo trump, when the farmers truly begin to feel the effects of your trade war with China…



Doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference thus far which just shows how deeply brainwashed his supporters have become.


I don’t think he’s wrong, though.

He and I would probably disagree on what the emergency is, though.


Maybe he’ll get confused and accidentally invoke the 25th Amendment on himself.


“I’m declaring a national emergency and redirecting funds to build a border wall.”

“Excuse me, sir, but honestly, what is the emergency?”

“The country is being governed by an extremely unstable and emotionally disordered person who may do dangerous things if he gets upset. By allocating $5.6B to fund a concrete barrier, we can elevate his mood. Experts have estimated this reduces the change of nuclear conflict by several percentage points. $5.6B for a two-three percent chance of saving humanity is a good deal.”



What is terrifying is that this could be used as a push to further privatisation. Private prisons are already a scourge. But someone’s liable to argue that such facilities aren’t affected by shutdowns, so for security’s sake…

Like I said, it’s terrifying. It’s also highly believable.


Not entirely certain if anyone listens to this harridan anymore, or if they do, why they do, but here is the latest “alternative fact” from the queen of same.


Whoops or part of the plan?


Katy Tur had on Tony Schwartz (the guy who actually wrote The Art Of The Deal) today to talk about the shutdown and he gave a pretty detailed breakdown about how Trump is a sociopath but yet somehow came a tiny bit short of outright calling him that by name

(At 35:15 on youtube incase you can’t watch it on MSNBC’s website)



This is indeed how you become liked in Europe. True story :roll_eyes:

Sarcasm aside, this is another unforced error. The US gained nothing and lost a lot. All for the orange one’s ego.