A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


“Look what those terrible people made us do! They have to be stopped before they make us do worse things. Think of the children!” /s



Quit? Really? 3 yrs early?


Trump tweet that he fired him any moment…


By the way. #BoycottTrumpsAddress is currently one of the top trending topics on twitter right now


It would be great if the press refused to cover whatever nonsensical hateful bullshit he’s about to spew, but we all know better; they’re incapable of just ignoring him. Gotta get those ratings, no matter what.


I’m looking through TV Guide’s website right now and it would be hilarious if the E! Entertainment airing of the Adam Sandler classic “Big Daddy” beat the speech in the ratings just to piss off Donnie :rofl:

Also. I wonder why he chose the time that he did :thinking:


If he pulls the “emergency powers” card and the US shrugs it off… You just gave permission for a dictatorship.


That was sarcasm, right? He’s an attention whore; nothing less than prime time will do for the likes of him…


@beschizza needs to see that photo; the mouth looks just like the puckered asshole it really is.





Also great would be to only show it dissected and intercut with commentary and fact-checking.


That’s an even better idea; which is why it’s even less likely to happen.


Why does this sounds like a sympton of Neurosyphilis?


openly courting a military coup. coolcoolcool.


A comment in that thread brings up an excellent point; since he’s not at all concerned with actual reality and neither is his base, why not just lie some more and say the wall is already in place? It’s not like his fandom will believe any claims otherwise, even if they saw the truth with their own eyes…


The hero we need and deserve indeed.


I predict that he’s going to declare a national emergency.


There’s a good opinion piece in the Washington Post on Trump’s state of emergency power grab:

Totalitarianism rises out of a process, not a single event. Declaring a state of exception in response to a political impasse would be a big step toward degrading an already vulnerable system. A fake emergency could trigger a real catastrophe — one that a split Congress would be unlikely to resolve and that a Supreme Court sympathetic to an imperial presidency might even worsen. We have more than a century of precedents at home and abroad to demonstrate all the ways things could go wrong.


Well that’s a chilling fucking byline…