A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


Who needs to wait until April before anybody notices? I just got my W-2, so I could file my return today. In a normal year I’d have a refund in-hand by the end of the month.


I’m amazed at myself for not knowing that!

That may actually help the administration if their goal is to issue returns. The fact that the problem will start out smaller and grow over time might give them a chance to realize what’s going on. If they got to April and thought, “time to issue those returns” they’d be absolutely screwed.


Hopefully the muddle from the shutdown doesn’t open a bigger hole for the fraudsters to steal people’s refunds.



Yep the final deadline for filing is April 15th, but taxpayers can file as soon as they receive their W2 forms… which can be as soon as early January, obvs.


I checked to see if it’s different in Canada and it is not. I knew you could file any time, but I didn’t realize that if you filed in January you’d likely get your return in February.

I’m really risking letting the cat out of the bag on the fact that I’m just pretending to be an adult.


Same here; even though I pay all my own bills, I kinda suck at being ‘grown.’


The dirty little secret is everybody’s just making it up as they go.


Given the current state of society and the people in charge, I dunno how ‘secret’ it is, anymore.


So (beautifully) disrespectful!

In a correction over the weekend, the liberal congresswoman said, “It was wrong to yell out ‘impeach the motherfucker,’ when I actually meant ‘imprison the motherfucker.’ Or maybe impeach and imprison. Or maybe impeach, imprison, and then hang the motherfucker as a traitor. Or maybe impeach, flog, and deport the bastard to Russia. Along with his culpable family and all his criminal cabinet members and cronies. In any case, I misspoke.”


Oh, damn; I think I love her.



How are we going to pay for it?


“Humanitarian Crisis”? So he’s going to pretend that he cares at all about people trying to cross the border?

Guess it’s time to dust off my sick bucket.


Pretty sure that is satire. It is not clearly labeled though.


Did not know that bigotry can be used as an lube




Well of course not… he’s talking about the humanitarian crisis CAUSED by them… /s


It is, and it is clearly labeled if you click through.

It’s Onion worthy, fer sure.


I admit I had my doubts when she said it. But I also have to admit that that’s a glorious doubling down, probably the best thing she could have done given the situation, and I have to respect that.


Ahhh, I viewed it first on mobile, and didn’t see the “Truth in Satire” at the top. Less noticable for some reason than on desktop.