A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


And another


No collusion, though. He swears.



You make it sound like Putin wants to sell Russian products in China, but think what a hassle it will be for him opening up those markets, increasing exports, and siphoning off and laundering his graft. I’m sure he deplores that it’s come to this and he’s only thinking of the soybean-less Chinese proletariat. Russia will definitely pull out of the market when the US gets its feet under it again.


All of this plus the effect of western sanctions that shrank the country’s food supply.

If anything, it might make Russia more tempted to take an agricultural powerhouse like eastern Ukraine.


Because of course they are… :face_vomiting:


From the article:

“The Vatican has walls. The Vatican has walls surrounding the city,” Mr. Trump said, according to the source. “You like the Vatican, Nancy?”

“Let’s change the subject, sir,” Pelosi replied.

So in Trump’s mind he won that exchange, right?

But that is exactly right in every other possible way.

“How are we going to pay for it” drives me nuts.

The correct answer to “how are we going to pay for it” for healthcare is “every bit of evidence from reality suggests it will cost less than what we are doing now.”

The US spends more public money per capita on healthcare than Canada does. It then spends about the same amount of private money on it, on top of that, but even if you leave that out the current system is just too expensive.


Yes indeed. But then in my experience, making that statement at all convincing requires a fair bit of contextual explanation, which makes most people’s eyes start searching right quick for an exit. Drives me nuts too.


Shhhh Don’t say it too loud 'murica might hear you…


Not really 45-related but I dont know where else to put it before the story is co-opted by one of the site’s authors:


From the article:

“If you look at Cyntoia’s original transcripts, they are peppered with the phrase ‘teen prostitute,’” says Derri Smith, founder and CEO of non-profit End Slavery Tennessee.

“Well we know today there’s no such thing as a teen prostitute … because this teen may think that she decided this was her idea to be raped multiple times a day and give money to someone else, it’s pretty clear there’s an adult behind that who’s manipulating and exploiting her.” [Emphasis mine]

That’s a message that could have sorely been used in another thread recently…


Aye; in reality, she was a teenaged sex slave. I’m glad she was granted clemency.

It would have likely only fallen on deaf ears; to some people, if you’re a White, rich, cis/het male, then you can do no wrong.


Yeah, @tekna2007, I’d say that at nearly 8500 posts, in for a penny, in for a pound… we can start a new one once we trip the magic number, I’d argue.


That argument cuts across pretty much everything.

I’m a software developer and any time I hear the, “what would you cut to have us implement feature X” argument I get the exact same feeling of rage. It’s just a passive aggressive way of saying, “your idea is not important to me” without having the bravery or conviction to just fucking say it.


I can’t see there being a shortage of things to put in a new 10,000-post thread, sadly…


“… it remains unclear whether the administration has the legal authority to hand out refunds during the partial shutdown, which is now in its third week.”

“The Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS, is one of the agencies that had its funding lapse and processing refunds could require furloughed employees to be put back to work.”

Something, something, cake and eating too… can’t have real 'muricans miss their refunds.


There’s something about that sentence that makes me doubt it’s veracity. Can’t quite put my finger on it.


That will really only piss the masses off, if they say they’re gonna disperse tax refunds and then fail to follow through. That’s a promise people will notice and care about deeply if it’s not kept.


I don’t know if they are serious or not, but I know they aren’t competent. They probably have no concept of how many person-hours (millions?) it takes to process tax forms and issue returns, and they probably have no idea that they should even ask. If the shutdown is really still happening in April and they want to fulfill this promise, they are going to find out you can’t just hit a button and get it done.



When folks do finally get their refunds (maybe) they’re going to really enjoy what the GOP tax plan has to offer them. /X s

I’ve been watching Ozark, a show about money laundering for the Cartels, and I can’t help but to have an itch that trump has already siphoned off the treasury into his accounts to push into into Russia…

I should stop watching. :wink: