A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


I should start a twitter just for this


We have never seen a president go this far out of their way to sabotage his own staff


Spread terror to the wider world?

Doooo iiiittt.


His most recent job before being President was making people grovel and lick his boot on The Apprentice.



Nielsen sans makeup. YIKES.


Something to keep in mind when evaluating US media coverage of America’s β€œenemies”:


I would say anyone with 45’s face, ugh.


Not an actual declaration of support for BDS, but significant nonetheless.








This was the torturer everyone said no good would come from?



@Wanderfound , I’d like to request that you include this tweet in the group that you posted. :smiley:


Ugh, another self-hating Jew!



I suspect this long thread is starting to be burdensome to my browser, at 8500+ posts. Perhaps in theory it shouldn’t be, with dynamic loading and all, but I suspect it. Anyone think this should be split into A round-up of Trumpian events - part 2 or whatever? @Mindysan33 looks like you started this back in the day (that feels like a century ago) so maybe it’s your call.


The thread will auto-lock at 10K comments, anyway.

It’s been the longest two years, EVER.


Seems like more people are catching on.