A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


AOC having some fun:


It took some doing to find it, too.
Being as his empty head is only
filled with hot air,
it blew away .
(thankfully due to its shiny orange glow,
it was easy to retrieve.


More of this please.


“Trump isn’t the greatest dude in the world, I know, but we all make mistakes and he’s somebody like you and me,” said Mark Linkar, a 54-year-old warehouse worker. “When his alarm goes off at 6 a.m., he’s up and hustling.”

He shows up to work at 11:00, numb nuts! And he works from home!


A mirror of his constituency with more money and orange make up.

Orange trash.


Racist POS Cindy McCain called the cops on a mixed race family or a child and guardian and then lied through her teeth about it in a radio interview, then tried to shirk responsibility for lying about it with a nopology.

Airport Cindy?


But this is what makes me nuts, he doesn’t mirror them at all, they just somehow think he does. I don’t want to overly generalize, but Mark Linkar from the article clearly wakes up at 6:00 am and starts hustling. He like Trump so he is projecting that good quality on to Trump even though we know it’s not true. He’s not a mirror, he’s an empty vessel they’ve poured their hopes into, utterly undeservedly.


A projection then. He’s mastered the disguise.


When you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail When you’re a racist dumbass Republican, all people of color look like criminals.


Certainly. But she knew she was dissembling, and she still lied about it, because drumming up paranoia about people of color always trumps telling the truth for Right-wing politicians.


Living in a constant state of fear and paranoia must be exhausting.


There’s a direct line between superficially respectable politicians like Pontius Pilate Cindy McCain and the QAnon/Storm wackjobs they ply into shooting up restaurants or stalking journalists for reporting on mass-murder shootings.


It is more than offset by the ease that comes from being rich, white, and politically connected.


hahahahaha :joy:

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By the way, the Trump pic was from 2017.


But he does mirror them in one very very important way: “It’s all the Browns and the Blacks. That’s your problem right there. We need to get rid of the Browns and the Blacks.” They will forgive all his other idiocy for that one “benefit.” It makes it OK for them to feel that way. And, of course, for not being Obama. Getting over a black president will probably be a generational thing.


Not shocking, including a not shocking reaction:

When a reporter asked Norment to talk about the yearbook Thursday, the majority leader said, “The only thing I’m talking about today is the budget.”

“I’m here to pass a budget today,” he added when pressed as he headed into a Republican Caucus meeting in late morning.

Also him:

Del. Cox and Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment released a statement on Saturday morning, saying the governor had lost the public’s confidence, and it is in the state’s best interests for him to step down.

Come on, people! Everybody resign already!


Just to be clear:

“The lieutenant governor is “first” in the line of succession. The attorney general is “second” in the line of succession. The speaker of the House of Delegates (Republican Kirk Cox) is “third” in the line of succession. The lieutenant governor is “first” in the line of succession. The attorney general is “second” in the line of succession. The speaker of the House of Delegates (Republican Kirk Cox) is “third” in the line of succession.”

“Cox’s ascension into the governorship would give Republicans control over the Virginian government, allowing them to move forward with a number of Republican agenda items, including anti-immigration policies.” -Observer

Racist immigration policies among other things. It only gets worse for Virginia.


Better find his yearbook too then


You do understand that moral outrage is limited to, and only available to be directed against, Democrats. Republicans are assumed to be saintly and pure due to the ® after their names. “Wide stances” and “Appalachian trail hiking” not withstanding, it is all good so long as you submit to the great ®.


He’s an all-consuming black hole, only turned a hideous shade of orange.