A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


The Final Solution
to the border problem?
Maybe his Fans will
finally think he’s
Gone Too Far…



But but the police are our friends, right?


Nope, nope they will not. They will cheer wildly and chant “USA” because the source of their troubles is all about the browns and blacks taking all their money. Just ask Laura Ingram!


But there’s at least one honest cop in America, assuming he endorses the message of the sign behind him. :thinking:


Right. As Sarah Kendzior calls it, “covering criminality with scandal”.


Is this popcorn time, or what?



I gathered that one of the plans was a subordinate branch inside the Air Force.

(Which is apparently already a thing, just not very big)


Well, Mr. Northam, this does not speak well to your understanding of just why the whole blackface thing is wrong. “Indentured servants?” Seriously?


That dude needs to start digging in a new direction, stat.

Alternatively, he could just lie down and wait while the hole he’s in gets filled in over him.


Best outcome i can see is a bit like the Watergate outcome. Fairfax resigns, Northam appoints a replacement, then resigns himself. What a bunch of maroons.




Erm… take a second to read the room


“Gown? More like a shithouse made of bricks” -imagined voice of Joan Rivers


And do your freaking homework.


She wore a MAGA dress last year too, and is a known provocateur. It’s shocking that a Christian trying to be edgy would be into Trump I know, but she basically does anything loudly to be as counterculture as possible: she was loudly never-Hillary in the primaries, immediately jumped ship to supporting Trump from Bernie (including joining his campaign as an official token PoC), and even filed a police report on Corey Lewandowski for slapping her ass multiple times at a Trump election party. She’s basically glommed onto any cash grab tied to MAGA like the Walk Away stuff and everything.


When you have to rely on shock value rather than your supposed talent in order to get attention, that really ought to tell you something…

Also that shit is hideous.


That’s what they teach at Budweiser Law.

Ugh, math. The average return is lower, as they say, but the 25% fewer refunds issues isn’t because of tax changes, it’s probably because of the shutdown. About 25% fewer returns have been processed. The proportion of returns resulting in a refund is around the same. Not that their tax cut wasn’t a scam to redistribution wealth from democratic states to the ultra-rich. I’m just annoyed with reporters who can’t understand the numbers they are reporting on.


Previous “dresses”:


She’s playing the MAGA crowd, but it’s all about Scientology.