A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡


OK, I think I am going to ignore with extreme prejudice any pronouncements from Il Douche on the “level of complexity” which a trained professional can handle. His topped out at mod complexity Lego sets.


Evidently. Wohl is a moron even by the extreme standards set by the far right.


And yet he won’t get into trouble.


Not nearly as much as Smollett at any rate, and for his age Wohl has an ambitious history of borderline (and probably over-the-line) criminal behavior. Idiot tried to frame a fucking emeritus FBI director and special prosecutor.


Not to mention that he is a “journalist” because he was banned for life from his old job (where he also did some illegal stuff and never got into much trouble). Wohl will continue to walk free based on being white and (pretending to be) rich, especially now that he has some conservatives on his side.


Breitbart says he’s an “Activist”, but they won’t report on his “Activist” activities.

Par for the course. lol


Manafort’s second sentencing hearing is underway… continuing coverage in this thread:


73 months

It’s not nothing, but 30 month is concurrent with his 43 month sentence. I don’t think going to prison for more than 7 years is a “slap on the wrist” but it’s sure out-of-whack with how the American justice system treats poor people.


Haven’t you heard, advanced degrees should only be gotten by the elites, cause they’re the only ones who deserve access to higher education… /s


Lolololol do they honestly think having Ingraham kiss up to the ‘elites’ is going to bring back her advertisers


Aaaaaaand Manhattan’s DA just indicted him.

ETA: it’s more mortgage fraud charges.




(Intelligent Humour)


Indictment breakdown:


Looks blameless to me. /s


Seth Meyers has a good one on that: Of course he’s blameless other than the things he is to blame for. Ted Bundy was otherwise blameless.


I saw that! It was funny. I keep wishing that Seth would do a week’s worth of his trump dialog while Day Drinking. I watched the Ina Garten episode recently and couldn’t stop laughing! She was a great sport.


Whoo-hoo, c’mon state charges (hopefully with some teeth.)


“I am not in the daily spotlight with this anymore.”

Seriously, I have more respect for Daniels than Avenetti. He is nothing but an attention seeker.


You know, even if they only give him another 3-5 years, that’s still starting to add up. I mean 11-12 years in prison when you are 69 looks like a really bad way to round out your life.