A round up of Trumpian events πŸ–•πŸŠπŸ€‘


Seditious fringe?


Band Name! We need to mock up some t-shiirts


The Koch groups are calling their campaign β€œYou Promised,” and are prepared to spend heavily, they said. […] The initial phase, which will cost in the low six figures, will include a nationwide digital advertising campaign featuring testimonials from people who say they were harmed by the Affordable Care Act. On Tuesday, the groups will kick off the effort with a rally near the Capitol, from which they will dispatch activists to congressional offices. Beyond that, Americans for Prosperity said it was prepared to bring β€œsignificant resources” to bear as needed.


So much for Trump’s executive order restricting lobbyists from government positions. Also it’s interesting that any waivers to this policy no longer need to be publicly disclosed.


There is a (literal) bright side:


β€œCome along, children, it’s time for the photo op.”


Oh, ghod. He likes his steaks fucking well done too? What a wankpuffin.


That photo op? Still with the tape on the backside of the tie.

No one loves that man. No one. Not even his wife or daughter will tell him he has (metaphorical) spinach caught in his teeth.


The germs, I reckon.


With ketchup.


This is the future liberals want.


I waver on this.

On one hand, he may appear more Presidential without the Twitter account.

On the other hand, it keeps the fires of controversy nicely stoked.


Or this version:


That will become painfully clear to him sometime during his presidency.


well, fuck.


Their reasoning is valid – the appeal was based on the administrations guidance that is now withdrawn and it’d likely deadlock 4-4, but just… fuck this country in particular.


β€œYou may feel like you’ve been TRUMPED”

Canadian turned back at US border told to get visa.

US Embassy in Canada say "we have no visa to give you cuz thats not a fucking thing!"

Canadian citizen going to day spa in US turned away – needs immigrant visa

Hmm. I’d like to know what this means. I assume it isn’t Canada - but who is reviewing his β€œtravel privileges”? How could the US prevent a US citizen returning home?

I should add that this doesn’t seem to be backed up by any source at all right now…


There are so, so many things wrong with this, really all of it, that to save time I will just mention the least of it.
Title case, have they no knowledge of it?



Carson trying to out-stupid DeVos here:


I always see Dave Chappelle’s blind & black KKK member Clayton Bigsby in my mind’s eye whenever I hear about something Carson has said or done.