A Roundup Of Antisemitism: Resisting The Socialism Of Fools

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Not at all. The situation in the US is very different.

Stating the fact about who has been killing Jews in France is racism? Since I was very clear, how was that dog whistling?

But hey, once accused as a racist, forever branded a racist, right?


That’s twice in one week for the Rochester JCC.

And yet, the FBI has only arrested some mentally lacking copycatter in the 3+ months this has been going on.


All anyone has to do is type “arab” as a search of your comment history. The pattern is apparent. I’ve said my piece. Let’s let the thread resume its normal course.


Thank you to all of the commentators in that thread who are deriding a Jewish tradition that doesn’t hurt anybody as “primitive” or “mental illness,” or are describing Jews as inherently being out to “trick” or “scheme”. Just because you’re not describing us as vermin like the alt-right do doesn’t make those statements any less bigoted in their own rights.


For a group that supposedly controls the world, the Jews are doing a bad job of keeping people like that in line.

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Gee, it’s almost as if we’re a small little group that spends most of our time arguing among ourselves and mostly would really like it if people would just leave us alone to live our lives in peace.


Plus the headstone vandalism.

I’m honestly grateful I was already planning on getting out of this city–and I hope that none of my friends and associates that I’m leaving behind get hurt.


Imagine that…

If you were as organized as the GAYZ!!!, then think of what you can do…

tongue firmly in cheek here.

What does it accomplish? I understand what the “person” doing it wants, but does it really change anything?

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Organizing Jews makes herding cats (or gamers) look easy. Heck, if you want some easy entertainment, go into a synagogue on the Shabbos at some point and ask if you’re supposed to stand or sit during Kaddish. :wink:

Also, there are more LGBTA people in the US (~10 million) than there are Jews in the US (~4 million).

Terror. I’m living about three miles away from where the vandalized headstones were, and there’s no way I’m going to do anything that shows me as visibly Jewish in public until I get out of here. Also, it’s the sort of thing that discomforts the community tremendously; there are very strict rules on how you’re supposed to treat a corpse with dignity in Judaism, and desecrating a grave is on that list. Plus, this sort of thing is always how it starts–they begin by tormenting dead Jews and work their way up to torturing the living.


That’s why shariah compliant finance is a thing…

makes me despise humanity at times…



And thank you for reining us in.


But but he’s not wearing a MAGA hat…

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Some of that stuff was very classic anti-semitism. But its to be expected even from a site with “good” people.

That thread was full of odious shit, but I’m glad I read it for some great insight from you (and some other commenters). In particular, I think I learned a little about my relationship with my forsaken zombie god, which is definitely still a thing in my life whether I like it or not.


If the current state of that thread is “reined in”, then I have to wonder what would it look like without any Jewish voices trying to give perspective.