A San Diego Republican operator ran a massive, multimillion-dollar Facebook scam that targeted boomers

I am convinced that 30-50% of the reason shit like this continues to flourish in the open is that, when healthy folks read about the details, the main response is “christ, this is so byzantine and depressing I might as well get back to work on those spreadsheets”.

The Amway-GOP-evangelical-spam complex probably destroys more American lives than oxycontin; it’s just too psychologically stenchful for anyone to pay attention to.


If only the state of humanity wasn’t Florida.


Maybe not, but some folks are easier to scam than others.


pics or it didn’t happen, as the kids say

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In addition to Willie Nelson, these celebrities included . .

Nooo! Not Willie Nelson!


Below this post on BoingBoing …


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Sure. Old people and adolescents, especially on social media platforms. And easily distracted and intellectually lazy people in general.

Advertising is that kind of business, clickbait advertising even more so, chumbox advertising most of all. As with badly written Nigerian scam e-mails, someone is gonna click through, and that small percentage is enough to translate to enough dollars to keep the industry going.

Unfortunately, it’s the only business model out there supporting non-paywalled sites. If it were just display ads for legit products based on impressions alone, I doubt that the ad revenue would be what it currently is. It’s one of those industries where everyone knows it’s 99% BS but plays along anyhow.

Who would pay £4 to use photoshop?

Don’t forget people who click on them accidentally.


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