A squirrel named Furry Boi wins UC Berkeley student senate seat


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This doesn’t make any sense. Any squirrel would go to UC-Davis, not Berkeley, since the former offers courses on raising fruits and nuts.


The humourless sneering from the student newspaper appears to be aiming at the wrong target. Rather than blaming the electorate for voting the wrong way, perhaps they should be aiming their ire at the candidates who were going to do what they wanted, but were incapable of running a campaign that could beat a fluffy rodent with no policies but good publicity.


If an angry pumpkin can be elected national president then I see no problem electing a reasonable sounding squirrel for student body president.



H’Angus the Monkey turned out to be OK though.


Maybe in the future we’ll see even greater levels of mammalian diversity represented. Over at Stanford they’ve got a significant population of squirrels of different color morphs.


Bad Decision Dinosaur?


Shortly before I was a student at the University of Texas, Hank the Hallucination was elected president of the student association. He was not seated, and the runner up (Paul Begala!) took his place.


Welp, so much for democracy at UT! :wink:


My experience with student government was that very few candidates had a real platform and of those that did, even fewer had a platform that a student representative had any hope of ever being able to implement.

Maybe things are different at UC Berkeley and they have a glut of promising candidates with real, achievable platforms. But if not, then I don’t blame anyone for voting squirrel.


Don’t blame me, I voted for Tippy-Toes.



Well, he’s no King Tom https://umdarchives.wordpress.com/2016/09/02/let-them-drink-beer-king-tom-iis-benevolent-reign/


Following the trail blazed by the campaign of the legendary Deez-Nuts!!!


There’s always going to be a percentage of a population that doesn’t take these things seriously. Consider those organizations on a local or state level who put time and money into their candidates, only to see them lose to dead people. As the winner pointed out, sometimes name recognition wins the day.


Excellent! I knew everybody mentioned in that article, and still know Tom and Barchan. Good times, those were, good times.

Of course I was not actually a student at UMD and was crashing all those parties, but still, good times.


There were always joke candidates when I was at Berkeley – usually one or two of them would win. I don’t recall much worry about it back then. There was a Monster Truck party, as I recall.


I am outraged! I voted for a squirrel, not a kid in a squirrel suit.

Begin the recall immediately!


Well I saw Barchan and Ginny back in February.


I think Tom was at Leta’s funeral, wasn’t he? Barchan definitely was.