A Steve Jobs postage stamp is coming in 2015

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If you have ever tried to accomplish anything you know being an a-hole is part of the package.

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Bullshit. And even when if it were true - is it admirable?

Maybe a little considering how much pompous naysayers tend to keep creativity, innovation and out-of-the-box progress at bay. Sometimes you got to break a few stubborn eggheads to make an omelet.

For all the accounts that Jobs was a jerk, there’s many more that says he was actually a good guy to deal with. Jobs got shit on quite a bit for some of his forward thinking and I’m sure he got sick of it. In the end, he got proven right on many things over time that the crowd vociferously and pompously said was crazy-talk. From the iPod to Flash… he got a ration of shit from people left and right. After a while, I imagine many people get tired of it and certainly aren’t going to put up with it within their own ranks. People get fired in business. Deal with it. Cope.

My problem with Steve Jobs isn’t bitterly (and perhaps jealously) based upon my own self-righteous personal qualms fueled by presumptions of his personal life.

Just like Bill Gates, the aspects of Jobs I don’t like are verifiable. For example, he was a megalomaniac and I do think that was a horrible shame for many reasons. Anyway… overall, I think many of these very personal attacks against his personal life often says more about his attackers than it does about Steve Jobs.

I think if slave owners get to be on our currency, then Steve Jobs gets to be on a stamp. Plus, I’m throughly enjoying all the indignant anger from Microsoft fanbois.

Modern slaves


How about a Doug Englebart stamp?


Appledouches say Homer Simpson said “D’oh.”

There is a reason the big Oscar goes to the producers. Generally not considered creatives, but they put it together and guide the talent to a real goal. It is not easy and it is not a commonplace skill. Jobs did that over and over and you can complain about his reputation all you want, but it looks to me like you have just drunk from the zeitgeist and don’t have a real opinion of your own.

Is the back lash really about the fact that Jobs put a gay man in charge of one of the largest companies in the world? I can’t see anything else that would leave such a bitter bunch of people behind. Unless it is putting a lot of hyper-specialized people out of business. That might do it.

As for the GUI argument, Jobs partnered with Xerox to make their innovations indispensable. No one else did that. That would be that big up slant in the graph of progress in the field. Pressure and insistence that it could and would work despite whining engineers worries about their future employability.

A Steve Jobs postage stamp is coming in 2015…While having an advanced Peel and Stick label far superior to the “Lick or Spit” Bill Gates stamp, will only cost the customer $4,000 to mail one letter and only comes in white.


I have never met Steve Jobs, so I can’t speak to whether he’s a jerk or not. But I have met numerous Apple fanatics that fit that description. And by fanatics I don’t mean the normal users. But like, people who freak if you try to explain to them that “Retina” is a marketing term not a technology, and the Galaxy S4 actually has a higher resolution and is not a “low end” device.

That said, I mostly just find that postage stamp both strange and yet fitting. Because the guy is famous for marketing and now he’s going to be used to market stamps.

No. The people who aren’t fans of Jobs weren’t fans before. This isn’t a new thing.

In before jaded, delusional claims about how Jobs contributed nothing to the world… oh, too late.

I’ll have to settle for being in before pedantic replies to this comment with some example of how Jobs was a horrible person/did something horrible/wasn’t a good father/stole everything…

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Just a skinned Jordan Hubbard stamp.

only the good die young

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Yeah right. I’m arguing because I hate gays.

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But I have met numerous Apple fanatics that fit that description. And by fanatics I don’t mean the normal users. … like, people who freak if you try to explain to them that “Retina” is a marketing term not a technology, and the Galaxy S4 actually has a higher resolution and is not a “low end” device.

I’ve seen that with abnormal, fanatical users of Windows, Android and just about every other piece of software and hardware that abnormal fanatics use. But especially with people that go after strawman mac users that they hallucinate do and say all kinds of rotten things en masse.

For example, I’ve never met a mac user who says that their Apple device is impervious to all security threats, yet I’ve witnessed quite a few Windows users who talk out their ass and claim that many Mac users are saying that.

Meanwhile, I’ve seen quite a few Windows users make all kinds of wild claims including supporting the throughly debunked “security through obscurity” market-share myth when it comes to OS X security. So there’s no shortage of ignorance among Windows users especially when you also consider realistic cost comparisons. For example, as my link just showed, a lot of Windows users ignorantly think all Macs are a worse value than PCs, but that’s not always true in all circumstances.

As far as retina goes, I think Apple deserves credit where it’s due for being innovative in that department. There was a time not too long ago where the only laptops, etc. with that kind of resolution (especially with applications and an OS that worked properly at that resolution) were only from Apple.

And, when it comes down to it, while retina is certainly an Apple trademark, it also describes a technology they innovated. So it does go beyond just being a mere marketing term.

I wrote part of this post from my Android tablet that has 323ppi (retina iPad mini 2 is 326ppi) , but I thank Apple for pushing that envelope in the first place despite the initial naysayers who loudly poo-poo’d the idea before they started clamoring to copy it. Kind of like the iPhone, etc.

And, don’t worry, I think the shiny Galaxy S4 is a fine device.

It’s a kind go physical thumbnail you tack on physical letters to appease the gods of transportation.

So very true in some respects.

Was Jobs the innovator behind the suicide nets? Were the sweat shop factories his idea? If so on either, then yes, its not surprising he gets a stamp.

And I’m guessing the irony of a computer tycoon going on postage stamp that is quickly becoming obsolete because of computers is lost on no one?

Good news to those who didn’t get to lick his backside in his lifetime.



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The fact that a) Steve Jobs is getting his own stamp and b) almost no one seems phased by this just underscores how out-of-step I’ve fallen with social norms, or perhaps how out-of-step society has fallen with some old-skool values like helping the world. This guy has contributed nothing at all to society or culture; yes, he’s transformed it, but so has Hitler; I don’t see him getting a stamp. I’m not saying Steve Jobs is Hitler, I’m saying both of them are well-known but not for reasons that deserve praise or commemoration.

Or to put it another way: the fact that we, as a culture, derive so much spiritual pleasure from our pretty little gadgets that we hero worship the man in charge of that is fucked. Jobs harmed our planet both environmentally and socially with all his iClutter, and our world’s happiness quotient has not risen in any measurable way because of it. At least Fat Elvis gave people some tunes to dance to.