A store for flat earthers by flat earthers


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“A store for loony tinfoil hat wearers by loony tinfoil hat wearers”


Orders will be flooding in from all around the globe!



I hope that they require shipping companies to use a mercator projection flight path.


A store for flat earthers by flat earther predators.


Well obviously, if you replace the elephants and the Great A’Tuin with a pair of red trousers the whole theory just looks silly.


“ME: a friendly rational white flat earther with water in my pants - YOU: a brown skinned global loser”

what are they even going for with this?! :smiley:


So … how does a calendar, a system of measuring time that we developed based on the earth’s rotation, work for them exactly? I feel like they’re not really committing to the bit, here.


Is this one of those calendars that includes lunar phases? Because I’m still not entirely clear how the movement of celestial bodies works in a flat-earth model.


Yes and where’s the Circumfence? Everything would just get washed off the edge.

More seriously, I notice that while Roundworld has a ship and a whale falling off, the flat earth doesn’t appear to have any ships or animal life.

Presumably the Ark got washed off the edge when the Flood raised waterlevels above whatever mechanism they posit for keeping stuff on the disc and God never got around to repopulating.


I feel like some parts of that drawing aren’t to scale.


Is it weird that I kinda want some of this stuff?


Hey, do they think the Earth is the only flat planet or are all the other planets supposed to be flat too?

Is there a lively schism of healthy debate there?


A store for fools, by dumbasses.


Part of me wants to buy a few calendars as gag gifts, but I just can’t bring myself to fund stupid.


Even if they were drawn to scale it wouldn’t work.

I’d like to hear the flat earther explaination for why things travel faster when you get closer to the edge though. Do they just build faster vehicles over there? Why can’t we import them here?


I don’t think they believe in other planets? I haven’t cared enough to go check, though…


If the earth was flat, cats would have pushed everything off of it by now.
(Stolen from elsewhere)


Sturgeons Law applies to Human Intelligence too.