A tempting offer


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I like this offer better from Molly’s Cupcake cafe in Chicago:

Not sure how many have taken them up on it.


I recently ran across someone whose eyes will start rolling out of her sockets at these.


What does Heather Schwedel know? “Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to dis a brie” is freaking comedy gold. She probably gets all huffy about people saying “have a nice day” as well.


So apparently the crux of the message here is, “Don’t tell jokes I don’t like.” Reminds me of when I worked in a kitchen and we had a whiteboard we never used, so I started putting up a random fact of the day. Usually something food-related, like “DID YOU KNOW: Due to their high potassium-40 content, bananas are slightly radioactive?” Never anything remotely offensive. My boss would look forward to seeing it, but then my daily messages started disappearing. Turns out someone decided to get a bug up her butt about it and was erasing it when I wasn’t looking. No one could think of a reason why, but she was already bossy, did weird things to make people’s job harder, and was an all-around asshole. I instantly imagined that she wrote that article as I read it. She was a major reason I and a few others left that job.


I like how she says “aggressively unnecessary” in the article unironically.

Whenever someone mentions a Fast and Furious movie with a number after it, I immediately say “Fast 40 Furious: Aggressively Unnecessary”

I’m just tickled that someone struck upon that phrase too. Although I don’t go around writing articles about how awful the Fast and Furious franchise is and that movies these days are so shitty. I just say it in a comment every now and then.


Reminds me of one of the mile markers along the Ragnar Relay course from Madison to Chicago:



I kind of like the one featured in this post, but every one of the examples in that article annoys the living fuck out of me. Luckily, unlike the author, I see a sidewalk chalkboard maybe once a month tops, so it’s not exactly life-ruining.



I think bartenders make the best signs.


I used to work across the street from “The Wurst Place” in South Lake Union, Seattle. They have AMAZING Elk brats that were practically transcendental. But they have a decent and informative street sign too:


So now I’m wondering if the Cory doppelganger I saw walking down Whitecross St on Friday was, in fact, @doctorow

Can we swap food stall recommendations now? The gallete stall opposite Fix is amazing!


I love these.

There’s a few around town that I thought of snapping a pic of. Now I know I should to offset the aggressively unnecessary killjoys.


Do not understand the Fireball craze. Way to take the best beverage in the world (whiskey) and ruin it by turning it into yellow Listerine (The worst Listerine in the world.)


Did they pilfer the Monarch’s insignia or the other way around?

(or is it just one of those cases in which you can only do a modernized line art butterfly in so many variants…?)


Oh great I am never going to see the Ragnar logo as a helmet ever again.


Ha ha! I totally did not see a helmet, and honestly didn’t think “Why the hell would something called “ragnar” have a butterfly for a logo?”


Reminds me of the “Buy one get one” offers.


The sidewalk sign for the kombucha place in my neighborhood says, “Our brewmaster is a unicorn. Our signmaker is a liar. Have a kombucha.”