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He is in the process of possibly being hired. Search committee is filing paperwork to propose a first-round interview.


Based on previous performance, I will join the Ayes in nominating @Max_Blancke to Partial Undersecretary of the Adjunct Counsel. On a trial basis of course, and subject to the vote and approval of the Large Privy Counsel (which may be vetoed along procedural lines).


Just to remind everyone, this is just an aye-for-an-aye vote to recommend Aye on the proposal for first round interview. This is not the full hire. Remember our process, people.


Will it be a blind vote?


only for the shadow council. the sunshine council votes in the light and open.


No, but the vote will be coupled with an emergency dental clinic.


So… folks. Do we create a BB style manual? thoughts?


cover image should be a banana, so everyone looks at it


What color banana? Do we use the corporate red/white/black scheme, or branch out into some new territories? Perhaps seasonal colors, or international flags (in conjunction with the Diversity Council)? One banana, or a bunch?



I’m in favor of a manual, as long as it comes with an instruction manual.


I think that it’s imprudent to assume people will know how to use the instruction manual without some kind of guidelines. I think we will need an interactive help video application to explain proper usage of the instruction manual or we’re just asking for trouble.


How in the HECK are they going to figure out how to watch a video?


Have you attended any of the weekly HR seminars?


Well I haven’t been actually but it’s only because I haven’t got any training on how to use the email calendaring system and I don’t want to rely on rumors from colleagues about the meeting schedule. Besides, that’s the only time I can get anything done at my desk.


Dude, the HR seminars were cancelled months ago. Too many people signed up!


BBS ruling incorrectly posted in Victory thread. First level offence, written warning.


24 hours in the penalty box?



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