A timelapse of the milky way on Vanuatu island

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“Shot on Vanuatu Island, three nighttime time lapses of the Milky Way (and clouds), totaling about 19 out of the 150 seconds of the video.”

Also, IMHO, the Milky Way really needs to be shot with a wide-angle lens unframed by trees, capturing almost all of the sky and then viewed on a large screen so you can feel just how vast and almost-touchable it is. Either that, or move out of large towns, so you can experience it yourself.


are telescopes in the frame alright?

I need more monitors, the 360° panorama is lovely


OK, you’re got Step 1) taken care of. Now, secure an unused planetarium…


I assume the last shot is of the camera disappearing under the waves

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Many years ago a librarian from the University of Hawaii overheard me saying I’d collected coins from Vanuatu. She told me it and other parts of Oceania produced their own publications that UH and other libraries were very interested in collecting but that were often hard to get.

Together we came up with the idea that it would be really really cool to buy a boat and go into business as the sole supplier, drifting around among the islands.

Yeah, I know it wouldn’t be easy and probably not even fun but this reminds me that it was a nice dream.

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This is the same nation that bought the world Bungie Jumping. Except there they use jungle vines rather than rubber.

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