A tiny British beach hut with a secret buried underneath


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That’s a lot of work to create basement space ON A BEACH. Don’t most people go to beaches for the sun and fresh air?


I imagine it might be popular with vampires who want to live a beach life at night and still have a cozy place for their coffin at day.


I hate to say it, but that has “tragic accident” written all over. People really don’t appreciate just how much force that soil will press on the sides with. When professionals make holes like this they use significantly sturdier bracing on the walls.


Darwin Award to be awarded soon.

Incredibly dangerous. Kids get killed in sand holes less than 3 ft deep. This plywood structure is insufficient in many ways, but just little torsional stress will have many tons of wet sand entombing this gent any moment.


bonus points for having apparently dug and built it in knickers and a dress shirt.


I find the presenter to annoying too find out how they waterproofed the structure. As the the structure, it fills me with dread.


That’s not the toilet down there? Ooooh. Sorry!


This guy has a long history of building incredibly questionable items in his shed, including the world’s fastest (and stupidly dangerous) bumper car, and a hover-motorcyle that looked like it could be used to create some sweet crop circles. This shack wasn’t intended as an actual long term structure, just something silly to get the ol’ Youtube views. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colin_Furze


Then the title of the article would still be correct.


That elicited a genuine gallows LOL from me.


The most traditional parts of this method were the short shovel and the necktie. He needs a hat to really get the early 20th century working man thing going full force, though.

I’d hate to be in that hole if hydrostatic pressure blew out the plywood. That stuff throws some nasty splinters! But for Colin Furze (whose work I very much enjoy) this is not a very dangerous adventure. After all, this man put a cobbled-together pulse jet on an old boardwalk cruiser bicycle…


Multi Story Beach Hut or Beach Pit Toilet?


… Or inconvenient body disposal. Just remove some of the plywood to let the sand back in.


And so the mystery is finally resolved after all these years.


Why is the strange man shouting at me?


Either that, or death by lack of ventilation.



So can Britons just annex parts of the beach for utility shed’s? While the three story model seems suicidal and depressing, I’m not sure I’m sold on the utility of the single-floor model anyway.


My claustrophobia kicked in watching the video. That alone, without all the good reasons already pointed out by others makes this a big NOPE.