A total eclipse thermochromic stamp that changes when you touch it


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A thing of wonder, indeed. So many layers:

  • Eclipses
  • Photos of eclipses
  • Thermochromic ink
  • A stamp (of all things) to bring them all together



Once upon a time I was mailing a card
But now I’m in the Twitter camp
And there’s nothing I can do
A total eclipse of the stamp


Forever’s gotta stamp tonight
Forever’s gotta stamp tonight


Besides, without mail we’re just Twits passing in the night.


There was an effort on my part to do the glowing-eyed choir kids with their eyes eclipsing, but it was not worth sharing.

And I have work to do.


But: they won’t take your money.

The Total Eclipse of the Sun Forever stamps may be pre-ordered at usps.com/shop in early June for delivery following the June 20 nationwide issuance.

They issue a press release in April 27, get you excited about their product, then basically tell you: “come back in 45 days.” The USPS would be shitty car salesmen. When you have the customer on the lot, you sell them the car.


They are SO making me want to buy that stamp!


It might be kinda cool to make a Trump stamp like that… just touch it and he disappears. Of course, there’s the old problem of not spitting on the right side…


I’m off to Nebraska in August. Who’s with me?


Can the stamp tell your inner secrets like mood rings?


So that’s why my mood rings are always black.


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