A Twitter worker didn't know if he still worked there. He finally got an answer from Elon Musk on Twitter: "🤣🤣"

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Almost certainly he was on the “too expensive to fire” list. Yup.

Then again, with Twitter now being a private company, and headed for the dumpster, what are stock options worth, even if Elon honors the agreement?



I’m not familiar with the Twitter (the public entity) employment agreements specifically - but typically if a company is purchased, and stock options, RSU, PRSUs, etc., are part of the compensation - they would vest immediately allowing the employee to benefit from the purchase as well. So any stock options this fellow had would have already been paid out at the time of Elon’s purchase; Elon wouldn’t have been able to stop that.

However, if he had some kind of severance package as part of his acquisition/employment agreement, he might have a harder time getting that cash, as Elon can just be obstinate and not pay it, until a court forces him to, which can take a long time - and if Twitter does end up declaring bankruptcy, he may not get it at all, or pennies on the dollar.

Given the current behavior, if I was a current employee, I wouldn’t have a lot of confidence that the company would honor my agreement, and would be looking for a new employer.


Is it just me, or is it a little confusing/ironic that this Musk guy is accusing him of being independently wealthy as a partial justification for firing him?


It’s really just Musk trying to justify the firing (“he had it coming and he doesn’t really need the money anyway”).

I swear, though, the stupid bastard is trying to see how many lawsuits he can get into because of something he posted on Twitter.


Add another log to the bonfire of lawsuits that’s going to burn Twitter down.


So true! Milton still getting paid because the owner is Jimmy James!


Hey, I work for Twitter. I think.


Well, now you mention it, I can’t log in to Twitter admin accounts either. I must work for Twitter too.


“claimed as his excuse that he had a disability”

And you just disclosed his disability status with a few billion people? Have fun in court chuckles.


And in this case there’s an additional time factor since the employee has a degenerative condition and probably isn’t eager to spend what time he has left fighting to get what is owed for himself and his family. He’ll be pressured to settle for pennies on the dollar even if Twitter somehow avoids bankruptcy.


This sounds like a case for piercing the corporate veil and going after Musk for personal liability. It doesn’t look like much daylight exists between him personally and the company.


Anyone posting on Twitter effectively works for Twitter.

Walk away, let it shrivel.


Maybe there’s a reason Musk needs bodyguards.


Imagine being an alleged business tech genius, and not understanding that it can be more possible to use speech text to do a 100 word tweet, or asking your wife to do so, than it is to do a full day of full computer work.


Dude has MD. He laid out a brief summary of how he got here:


Goddamn that was a brutal thread. I like all the shade he managed to throw at Elon along the way, like this little jab:


Christ, Elno is such an asshole. I’ve been reading about this story in reverse, and each new bit of information shows him to be worse and worse.

The first thing I saw was backstory on the designer, who had structured the sale of his company so he maximized the taxes he paid to the Icelandic government, and that Elno had taken a pop at him (despite the fact that just comparing the two people, Elno comes off as the worse by far):

Then I see his response to Elno, in which he absolutely murders Musk:

Now I see that this all kicked off with Elno informing him he was fired (and revealing confidential medical information) by laughing at him. What an absolute piece of shit.

Especially since it’s not true - his “wealth” comes entirely from selling his company to Twitter for far less than it was worth.

Yuuuup. Musk, as ever, the total hypocrite - hyper-sensitive about any information about himself being revealed, but more than willing to reveal all sorts of confidential information that might put people’s lives at risk just to dunk on them (because he was the asshole to begin with).

He’s walking around with a “murder me” sign stuck to his back - that he placed there.

Or being able to type on the phone with one finger, versus getting hand cramps when working at a keyboard. Which Elno knew, because he just revealed confidential information given to HR about the guy’s condition.

So many jabs that if it were a boxing match, Elno would be out cold and bruised all over, because he’s got no defense to any of it. Just body blow after body blow.