A US Air Force Sergeant linked to Boogaloo Bois charged with killing police officer

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The GOP in a nutshell



It was pretty clear to me, from the beginning, that some “Boogaloo” types were using the protests for cover for their own nefarious acts (their openly talking about it online was kind of a giveaway). When I saw reports of heavily-armed Boogaloo-identifying counter-protestors showing up in more rural areas to protect their towns against imaginary invasions of antifa, it was rather ironic. Hell, it wasn’t just ironic, it was like falling down a crazy hole. It was “this Kristallnacht has me worried, thankfully some Nazis are here to protect us” levels of insanity.

And their Fox News-watching neighbors were feeling reassured, because everyone in their information-ecosystem were telling them it’s antifa. It’s the kind of reality disparity that happens in authoritarian countries just before the genocide starts, and I never thought it would get this bad in the US. Whatever happens with Trump this election, this is going to get worse. If he loses, he (or his family) will go forward with their previous plans to create/buy up some media outlet and continue to flog all the disinformation that’s brought us to this point - all the far right wing conspiracies they’ve been spouting so far, and more. This is just the beginning, I fear.


All this makes perfectly logical, reasonable sense.

But the partisan nature of politics in the USA means conservatives will bend over backwards to justify spending more on police and less on social programs.

The only way to change things is to absolutely demolish the GOP at the ballot box, locally and nationally. Then expect years of meager progress while conservative judges and conservative PACs oppose anything resembling progress.


We are all counter-insurgents, now.

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They are very much living in a different reality than the rest of us, a pretty fucking warped one, at that. But fascists always have. They blame the people they attack of being the aggressor in order to justify what they are doing. The internet (and hard right media) is just amplifying that to a massive degree.


WHEN he loses, the SDNY will be waiting for him with open arms and an orange jumpsuit. Think it can’t happen? Look at Harvey Weinstein, never thought you’d see such a wealthy and powerful man behind bars did you? The boogaloo boys won’t be nearly as bad as you’d think. A few weeks back they were storming state capitols with assault rifles… after the BLM protests started they disappeared back into the shadows, for the most part. There will probably be scattered outbreaks of violence, but in the end, they will lose. America defeated the confederacy once before and we WILL beat them again if we have to.


South fails to rise again.


The FBI counter terrorism unit and other agencies should really be stepping up enforcement on a group that has as its goal the overthrow of the government and killing police officers.

And Facebook should stop hosting these groups and steering people to their pages.


I’m not a Joe fan - but he was on fire.


I think that cuts to the core of the issue. There is no Mason Dixon line, no “homeland” to defend from aggressors, no physical body allying them. Just a few innernet cesspools that they mistake as mass uprisings of like-minded and like-willed individuals when, in reality, the vast majority of them are too complacent and lazy to do anything more than shoot themselves in the dick posing with their Soviet castoff rifle for Instagram. If they were actually there in the numbers they claim, wouldn’t this be the precise moment to strike? Wouldn’t dylan roof’s magical thinking suddenly manifest?

There is definitely an endemic issue that the web is allowing to propagate, but I still have a hard time imagining them coalescing into anything. Even Unite the Right was a mere few hundred, was vastly outnumbered by counter protestors and was a mish-mash of ideologies that rarely aligned on many substantive points. Hell, half of them couldn’t even bring themselves to self-declare as racists. Cut off their heads as they poke them out.


Your lips to God’s ear, as the expression goes. I mean, I really hope so, but Donnie has avoided accountability his whole life, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up. And it’s true, his family might be following him,so they might not get a chance to enact their plans for a(n increasingly unhinged) right-wing media empire. But the media landscape has changed in recent years - it became particularly obvious during the 2016 election, as the interplay of social media and “news” turned super toxic. We now have total fabrications masquerading as “news” online and traditional media following them. Fox News has given up any pretense of being a news organization is now engaging in blatant propaganda (e.g. fabricating pictures to support their fantasy antifa narratives in Seattle, for instance). The reality for 30-40% of the population is being shaped by this propaganda, constructing an alternate reality where antifa are the boogeymen and Boogaloo Bois the heroes. When they get politically defeated, they’ll get worse. We may need to have an actual second civil war to resolve the issue.


I’d love to see a study re: why so many of these right-wing nonsense organizations seem to revel in this kind of juvenile (even infantile) imagery and symbolism. From Pepe to Kek to the Proud Boys to these fucking chuds, it all seems so…childish, doesn’t it?

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I like how they think “Orange Man Bad” is an insult, forgetting that for 8 years, they did nothing but say, “Black Man Bad.” They’re used to facile arguments, so they think everyone else uses them, too. Because they’re not smart.


As usual, the alt-right wails about how black people are violent, looting thugs… then when reality fails to live up to their narrative, they go out and become violent, looting thugs so they can frame black protesters for it. It’s as good as admitting that they know they’re full of shit and all their supposed concerns and justifications are fake even in their own eyes. They’re just deliberately, gleefully evil.


So am I supposed to be shouting “Support our Troops!” or “Blue Lives Matter!”

As a True American Christian Patriot™® I’m deeply confused by this situation.

What do you all think about this? https://theconversation.com/chicago-1969-when-black-panthers-aligned-with-confederate-flag-wielding-working-class-whites-68961

Obviously, if you are gonna show up during somebody else’s moment you have to actually find out what they are looking for, and take them up on it, but I’ve been thinking about this article for a while now… It’s really interesting

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