A warm notice from the Star Hotel in China




I never take drugs when I go whoring.


I bet they wish they had said “or”.


If you’ve stayed at a Chinese hotel, you’re probably familiar with a particular kind of business card being slipped under the door to your room. So maybe they don’t want you to go whoring for the same reason hotels have room service food.


I wonder if the Japanese text is similarly “interesting”…


Can I take whores and go drugging?


Can the whores take the drugs?


I can’t read Chinese, but the Japanese is less silly-sounding. It starts off with a “Caution” rather than a “warm notice” and implores guests not to break Chinese laws. It’s also more polite, and goes on a bit with phrases like “for your safety.”


All things being equal, I feel like this is a reasonably well-written letter in English. I’ve seen far less understandable ones written by native speakers. With a few minor tweaks, it would be a really stellar letter. If you feel like this is the sort of letter your hotel needs to have. And, knowing tourists, it probably is. :rabbit:

Friendly Reminder

Dear Guest,

Welcome to the Star Hotel. Please remember to obey Chinese law during your stay.

Prostitution and illicit drug use are not permitted in China.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Star Hotel


But can you smoke in your room?


Like room service in that something overpriced, cold and gelatinous shows up?


But I’m afraid I haven’t any drugs. Would it be politic for me to go whoring for drugs?


Look! Look! The date has been doctored! What are they hiding?


I don’t know about drug use in the PRC, it wasn’t obvious when we were there. But prostitution? That was rife and blatant. Really blatant. The solicitous (literally) enquiries from the hotel front desk late in the evening of “先生需要服务吗?” (“Does Sir require Service?”) weren’t an invitation to avail ourselves of the skills of a short order cook for a midnight snack … :wink:


It continually amazes me that people will engage in illicit drug use when in countries that FROWN mightily on such things. Here in Canada you might get a fine, in the US you might get a fine or some egregious jail time for a joint.

I had a girlfriend who ‘accidentally’ carried a large amount of marijuana in the bottom of her bag through the Malaysian border, twice. She ‘forgot’ it was there. The very graphic signs at the border should probably have reminded her…


Rife and blatant, and impermissible, are not mutually exclusive.


Yeah, you’d think Midnight Express would have heavily curtailed that sort of behaviour.


True. But illegality usually produces a degree of circumspection. Yet —despite living in a red light district as a student— I’ve never seen so much commercial sexual availability so widely advertised. Even down here in Oz and NZ where prostitution is entirely legal and regulated, it is never so in your face as it was in China.


How long until the joke is on the West, and Honorable BoingBoing starts posting photos of funny Mandarin notes on NY Super8?


At least they said “please”.