A warm notice from the Star Hotel in China

My guess is that it is a simple typo, War-m instead of War-n, as in warning notice not to do those things.

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No, I looked it up, and it means something like “friendly tip” but the first two characters literally mean “warm”

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If you stay in Five Star Hotel, the concierge will procure those things for you!

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In Bruges, they do things differently.

I can still remember some of the rules for the hotel I stayed at in Kashgar, geez over twenty years ago. “Please wear shirts and pants when leaving the room”, “Please do not set off fireworks from the balcony”, and “Please leave all nuclear materials at the front desk for safe keeping”. I transcribed the full list in my trip journal, but it’s stashed away in storage so I can’t go look it up.


I want to figure out which are the characters for “whoring” so I can see how many tattoos contain them.

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They are also not big on you peeing and pooping around (pic taken in TST, Hong Kong)


嫖娼 = to go whoring.

You’re welcome. :smile:


You’ve got to appreciate their patience in explaining why they’re telling you not to dump in public places.

Bed and no breakfast.

Unless you are into that sort of thing. :wink:

I emptied the Hilton in >a South American country<.

Synopsis: it turns out that Cuban cigars are readily available and the smoke alarms are fully functional.

good times… good times.


Er… had?

My flatmate in China would supply the local expats with weed. There were other drugs too, but I think someone else would take care of that. Apparently the authorities would make a crackdown on drugs and prostitution (which as you say, was everywhere) every year around National Day. My flatmate would just stock up on advance and wait for a month or two until things got back to normal again.

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Darn! Why else go to China?

Huaqiangbei? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ha! Also appears to be hand written, which really sells the friendliness of it much more than bold Times New Roman.

Protip world: if your entire message and surrounding information is all presented in bold type, it’s no longer bold any more. Bold is only bold when there are also characters that aren’t bold.

There’s basically no good reason to go there. None.

Any country that will kill someone for any crime, especially drug crimes, can go fuck themselves and their shitty nations. Yeah I’m looking at you too Japan and the USA.

I’d never go to Indonesia. Crooked cops, crooked pollies, islamist douchebags and an immensely shitty human rights record. So many bogan Australians go there as their only “international” experience which is reason enough to avoid it.