A weird and wonderful father-daughter movie you may have missed

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That looks like fun, or not.


Saw it back in 2017. About 30 minutes of genius, but overstays at nearly 3hrs.


As a German living in the US I was excited to see this when it came out, not often do German movies get mentioned here. My advice: skip it. There are a few scenes in there that are very good but the rest is very hard to sit through. Better to re-watch Lola Rennt


Yeah, I tried…but unfortunately found none of the characters at all likeable.

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Watched it in cinema when it came out. Great movie. Usually I don’t like german movies (I’m german), I guess because they more often than not overdo the intellectual/philosophical implications of the story and fail on the storytelling. Toni Erdmann is different, very naturalistic observation of the protagonist and her relationship with her father. Both and the others are interesting characters, but they are not “analyzed to death”, and you watch their development.


I’m going to be the rare voice here, but I loved all of it. Bounces from absurd to satirizing elite western business culture, and much more. It can be slow at parts, but I rather liked it that way.


Toni Erdmann! I love this movie so much. It’s one of the kookiest, most touching films I’ve ever seen.

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