A Yahoo-style directory of contemporary blogs

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Ok - I’m just nipping off now. I may be a while …

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I need a new lunchtime blog.

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Welp, I already found this…


Happy Mutants all!
just look at us!

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We Are The Best Virginia GIF by GIPHY News

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YES! The real Internet rises from the ashes of social media! I want nothing more than old-old-Yahoo-style hand curated directories to come back! And webrings! and teams of grad students working behind the scenes at Ask Jeeves to come up with definitive answers to commonly asked questions (This was a real thing, but according to the woman I knew there they mostly focused on researching weird fetishes…only partly because that was the majority of searches in 1997)

Really. I am not kidding (he said moments after posting in another thread that nostalgia is a toxic impulse)

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