ABC cancels 'Roseanne' because Roseanne Barr is a racist


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good . . .


Racist grandma is just not funny anymore and bad for business.
Well don’t let the door hit ya on the way out.


Wondering now how John Goodman feels.

I always thought he was way to go for that shitty show.


Normalizing racist dogwhistles (I’m looking at you ⊥rump) creates an environment in which explicit, overt racism feels free to rear its ugly head.

Disney and ABC stand by as Roseanne Barr spews racist filth

Thought about watching the new Roseanne until I found out she’s a Dumpster Fire supporter and that (at least) one of the writers (?) (or other behind the scenes creators) is a conspiracy theory wing nut…and I was NOPE. That she goes on racist rants (considering the above info) is not shocking in the least.


Why do white people often default to looks when trying to insult non-white people? I guess it is just so “understood” that calling someone brown or black etc is insult in and of itself - but you can’t really call someone white and expect it to be taken as an insult.


Cue the violins for comedians upset that everyone is too sensitive. Cue the YouTube vid’s of jazz singer- era “comedians” in black face who probably would say “I told you so - this here sensitivity is going to far”.


I do admit that it was kind of cool to see the show come back, just from a nostalgia standpoint. The production was exactly like it was in the 90’s. Nerveless, kudos for Disney for putting decency ahead of ratings. Mrs. Barr needs a time out.


Putting aside the bad things that bad people said very bad terribad etc:

How many more people have to ruin their careers or corporations or nations or species before people finally realize that Twitter is a terrible idea?


That should set her up for a nice little career playing the blameless victim of political correctness/America-hating liberals/the Deep State/the fake news media/etc etc. If she plays her cards right, she should be able to parlay that into some lucrative speaking gigs.

I wonder if she’ll get her very own TrumpTweet™ sometime later today or tomorrow morning?


Somewhere, Tim Allen and Ricky Gervais are rubbing their hands gleefully and yelling CHA-CHING!



Please don’t be a bigot please don’t be a bigot please don’t be a bigot


When they cancel a money making enterprise - you must have quite a stank on you.

At least now she’ll be able to move to Whitefish and spend time with real 'muricans.


I’m not so sure. I have always understood ‘thats mighty white of you’ to be an insult, mainly along the lines of “you just gave me what was already mine, and expect praise?”, or alternately “you gave me less then you owe and you want praise?”.


I can easily imagine her going on tour with Jordan Peterson.



She can always guest on Sarah Palin’s network.