Above the Law's template for reporting on Donald Trump's stupid, doomed legal threats, of which there are so, so many


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/01/09/predictable-chaos.html


I love Above The Law!



The sad part is how that sign’s not true. My great grandfather piloted one of the landing craft during D-day, guess who he was rooting for in November before he died?


Though for Trump personally, isn’t it usually whatever Buster Friendly and the Friendly Friends and Fox and Friends are saying? Because knowing what Breitbart says requires reading.


Knowing what Breitbart is saying would involve some very powerful drugs before I could stomach reading it.


Sorry he lost his way. My Father fought the Fascist from 33’ on in Europe/France, it was a mighty slog to the end of War-ll.


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