Abstinence-only supporter's minor-age daughter gets pregnant




This incident will surely Palin comparison to that similar news story from a few years ago…


This dark irony would be a lot funnier if it didn’t have the added effect of messing up at least two lives.


I’m sure Mr. Cassidy would Bristol at the comparison.


Which 2?

I’m assuming the daughter is not lacking in familial support (Cassidy’s statement certainly is supportive of her and the child) and has access to more than just the basic necessities of life. I haven’t checked, but I suspect this senate candidate is not poor by any stretch.

Chances are his daughter will be absolutely fine. Same with the child–we’re not talking a single-mother living on welfare situation.

The only one I see whose life might be potentially messed up is the candidate, but even that may not be true. This gives him a chance to show off his Christian forgiveness and love for his family and babies and such. In fact, I bet his constituency will eat this stuff up.

So… WIN-WIN-WIN!!! (At least for them. Not those other women he slut-shames, who don’t have money and family and benefits and privileges to get them by. But he can’t be expected to deal with every mess he causes now can he? Just the ones in his own house.)


Kids these days.


If you’re a parent at 17 then you’ll miss out on all the fun that comes with being a young adult with no responsibilities. Personally I’m glad that I didn’t have to look after a kid while all my friends were going out and having fun.


She can just leave the kid with Grandpa 24/7.
(Bet he becomes an advocate of freely available contraceptives in no time!)


I haven’t read past the title, but I can’t believe she will be having a good family time at least for the time being…


Where’s the slut-shaming?

Oh… I see… it’s only for other peoples’ daughters. Got it.



Is this a photoshop?


Why don’t Democratic candidates ever have to make announcements like this?


Nope, it’s from the article.


The crazy… it’s in the eyes…


No, this is.


Man, you guys are all jumping to some serious conclusions (I might add without any evidence).

I bet this is just like that waaaay more famous case with that girl, and the mystery pregnancy…


Sorry, a girl who’ll open her legs for the first God who comes along is still a slut in my books. (Sorry, sorry)


A more viable hypothesis I heard involves a Roman centurion.


Only in this case.