Accidental massive wave in amusement park 'tsunami pool' injures dozens



Sounds like false advertising to me.

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So the pool finally lives up to it’s name and people are all up in arms about it. Sheesh!


Easy for you to say, but I AM SCARED!!

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You were lucky that the electronics of it never failed!

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Remember those rooftop pools? What about combining the ideas? Flush people right off the top of a skyscraper.

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Was at Typhoon Lagoon @ Disney World last week and I swear the wave in their wave pool was much bigger… but then, I guess the pool is designed for it. Still, it hit us pretty hard. Kids (teenagers) loved it, I was okay with it, my wife hated it. People were hitting me, I was hitting others… really surprised more people aren’t injured there.

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I wonder if more people could swim in China if there would have been fewer injuries? Swimming for fun is a cultural phenomenon that people in the West take for granted, people in mainland China are still trying to get used to the idea.

Hitman (the game) needs an amusement/water park level.

That’s what happens when you let your social credit score drop too low.

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