Accordion filled with meth


Police became suspicious because he had a fucking accordion.

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On the lam for forty years now…


Well that explains why it was so hard to play!

A wedding band accordionist is driving home from a gig late one night when he stops at a diner for a cup of coffee and a slice of pie. He can see his car from his booth, and he sees someone breaking into his car. He rushes out, but he’s too late. By the time he gets there, the guy is gone, but he has left a second accordion in his car.


… and really hard to keep lit.


I have been refuted: there is a use for an accordion.

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'Cause she’s playing all night
And the meth’s all right
Mama’s got a squeeze box
Daddy never sleeps at night

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Thank god. One less accordion in the homeland.

Fran Zappa messing around with an accordion:

"See the important thing about this instrument is the way the air smells when it comes out these holes

He was carrying it for Dick Oxycontino.

“A gentleman is someone who can play the accordion, but doesn't.” ― Tom Waits

Pokie Polka time!

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Made me think of these guys/gals: Chmielewski Funtime Band - they had their own local TV show when I was a kid…

Edit: Which made me think of these incorrigible corruptors of youth: The Duluth Accordionaires

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