Accurate map of world's most famous racetracks and motorsport courses

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Ahh, the Nurburgring - dominating dreams, nightmares, automotive magazines, and maps for 91 years.


You’ve probably seen this. I’m guessing it was amateur day at Nurburgring seeing the lack of seat belts and helmets. The guy at 1:35 is lucky he walked away.

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Wow. Those cars, the Beetles especially I am betting have roll cages installed.

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What about the passenger at 0:25?

And I can’t believe 2:25 was allowed onto the track. Insane.

If you want to watch a Pikes Peak video, watch this one:


That was intense! Thanks for sharing. At several points I was expecting it to end up like this:

Also interesting to see Datsun (?) as one of the only makes to not roll. Not sure if that’s due to build or driver.

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