Ace of Base? Crypto-fascists?


These are ostensibly written as a jab at hyper-intellectualism (although academia will tell you that divining author’s intent is dead…) but children’s literature, intentional or not, definitely carries heavy weight in the development of a children’s internal archetypes. One thing I will definitely agree with anti-government-school right-wingers on is that education, and literature are absolutely indoctrination. Of course, to my mind, this is a case for, and opportunity for teaching critical thinking and the value of exposure to more, not less, material. The Mr. Uppity one in particular. What does it mean that it took a king to check Mr. Uppity’s power? Children’s literature, prominently Disney movies, are full of “rightful heir” tales that are superficially delightful but politically terrible. There’s definitely merit in teaching kids to see these things, and think critically about them. I took several classes of fairy tale/children’s lit in college that look at just these kinds of ideas, and the subliminal messages embedded ('intentionally or not) in classical children’s lit, it ended up being some of the cooler sessions of my week.


Isn’t a crypto-fascist just someone that makes you use SHA384 or better?

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I entirely agree, and I think part of the reason that these parodies are funny (to me at least) is that there is a grain of truth in them.

As it was the ‘king of the goblins’, is it more relevant that he was a goblin or that he was a king?


Sure, Laibach is ironically fascist.

Neofolk artists are distressingly pagan-white supremacist in a “HA HA ONLY SERIOUS” manner.


But as I’m sure you’re aware, their learning example is that instead of more critical thinking, we should water down the limited resources already present and teach the Birchers’ version of history and their methods of indoctrination instead of all this hippie mind control fluoridation.


Right, totally agree… It’s in part because Laibach is much more of a performance art band than just about anything else. But it’s a whole league different than the Ace of Base, because we know that the one dude was actually a nazi at one time and they are playing with these images. I’m confident that, no matter how ambiguous, you can’t say that about Laibach. Laibach is also playing with other kinds of aesthetics, too including nationalist and Yugoslav bratstvo i jedinstvo (brotherhood and unity), with a dash of Stalinism for good measure… Also, did you read this, by me:


I’m not sure about Death in June - they draw heavily on fascist imagery, more so than Laibach, and Doug Pearce visited the Croat fascist side during the Yugoslav wars, but he can probably still argue ambiguity. Not sure about the rest of the movement or Boyd Rice himself. His ex, Lisa Crystal Carver is convinced he was sincere about the white power stuff.


Is it my fault I’m quicker on the draw when it comes to crypto-fascist? I live in the south, where they are literally EVERYWHERE!!! :wink:


How’d it take 4 days for the Dwarf reference to arrive?!


I recall direct, less ambiguous quotes matching up with the impressions, but hell if I’m going to look them up at work. I doubt they were direct associations or anything so obvious, but certainly flirtation with and drawing from that font.


From this interview with Rice?:

I feel that I’m a fascist, but “Nazi” is a real specific term.
I’m a fascist in the sense of the modern bastardised meaning of the word. I’m completely against democratic values and liberalism.
I don’t think women deserve the same rights as men. I don’t think women are on an equal footing with men. I think they’re totally different creatures.

One woman defies neo-Nazi marchers in striking portrait from racist march in Sweden

Yeah, and more like it. The LaVeyans and Neofolkers are more than Ayn Rand devotees. They’re “proudly white” and against “tolerance” of what they consider lesser creatures.

I’m predisposed to spooky music but their beliefs are utter garbage at best.


There is a guy I met at a conference not too long ago, focusing on just this issue, bringing back the LeVayans into the discussion on modern conservationism, since the focus is often on the religious right.


Lots of anti fascists don’t like them


Fair enough…


Nice! Any interesting writing on this?




I don’t know if the guy has any articles or publications out at this point… it was a grad student conference, so he might not have gotten that far yet. But one point he brought up was the fact that LaVey employed the work of Ayn Rand, among others, in writing the Satanic bible… So, they tend to fit into the deeply individualistic, atheistic, and libertarian branch of conservative thought. He presented stuff on the rise of Satanic panic in the 80s, and how that was fed by a series of Murders in Mexico by a group that was satanic…

Yep. Derp!

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