The Guardian has outed the true identity of the mysterious founder of the Base, a white nationalist terror group

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Before they named it ‘The Base’, do you think anyone involved thought to Google for a translation of ‘Al-Qaeda’?

Or is that just their crafty little in-joke?


Hmmmm, guessing that that government isn’t a US one.

This smells a lot like a Russian operation da?

Any relation to Putin’s biker gang, The Night Wolves?


I guess this is one of those times when doxxing is ok.

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It’s likely a choice on their part, because they have some agreements with the aims of al-Qaeda, which includes bringing down the current “zionist” world order (as they see it meaning dominated by Jews, although different from how al-Qaeda would characterize it, which is dominated by Zionist). [ETA] Just to be clear, I am not saying that the characterization of either the white supremacist group or al-Qaeda is correct, just trying to explain why they have a similar mindset and a possible explanation for why the whites supremacist group might align itself with al-Qaeda.


I’ll take all the stuff about his background with a lump of salt for now. People exaggerating their military/mercenary/international man of mystery background isn’t uncommon, and the occupational disease of intel analysis is seeing connections everywhere.


This is the Putin way. He funds and organizes the anti-Putin rallies as well as the thugs that beat them up, then makes it all known, so that no one can trust what they see or hear. The goal is to get people to tune out. It’s working great on some 42% of America.


True words.


The reporting I’ve read says that it was a conscious choice. And not necessarily a stupid one, from their perspective. Not only does their agenda and ideology overlap with al-Qaeda’s to some extent, but there’s also the shock value. If baiting the normies with your edgy pro-Hitler stance isn’t packing the disaffected into the seats like it used to, maybe identify yourself with a more contemporary bad guy.


So more likely a Walter Mitty, vs a Russian Operative. At least I hope so. Something tells me if they were funded and trained by Russian intelligence, they wouldn’t have been caught so easily.

And now that I say that out loud, I could totally see them doing that.



He stole his company name from the Venture Bros?
Nothing says competence more than naming your firm after a cartoon.


Next up: the Incel State in Iowa and South Dakota (ISIS).


when did russia become a thing for white nationalist to like?


It’s been that way for a long time


Pretty sure entire country of Russia is a White Supremacist Heaven/Haven


Gahhh, all I can think of is the Rifftrax Live! Christmas Shortstraveganza (a beloved holiday tradition in this house) segment “Parade of Aquatic Champions” from about 10 years ago, and “Here comes Norman Spear Junior, Here Comes Norman Spear Junior, Right Down Norman Spear Junior Lane…” pops in my head…

Poor Norman Spear Junior, he’s probably swimming circles in his aquatic champion grave over this.

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I just always thought that their brand of ultra patriotism would incorporate cold war condemnation of russia and commies.



Roger that!


Me too! I was born in '61, so half my life has been lived in the Cold War era. Putin is smooth, but every bit as despotic and cold blooded as any modern Russian leader, moreso than most. Yet the GOP sucks his proverbial dick, right down to the “grassroots Deplorables” one comes across on social media that think we should be super pals with Russia and Putie. They stance so hard that it’s tempting to think they’re all online operatives. But that would be paranoia taking over…right?


They do have a history of propping up such movements.

But the alt-right, and especially the misogynist movement has a huge fixation on Russia and a weird obsession with Russian women as purer and more subservient. Also as purchasable.

Plus there’s this weird little industry of sketchy special forces, intelligence, private soldier shit in the US. Almost all of it based on false claims and fabricated service records. Its the whole soldier of Fortune Magazine thing, and it’s HUGE in the militia and white supremacist scenes.

So all of that is also entirely consistent with a regular American bunker nut in his mid 40’s.

That flipped a while back. Now Russia is the lone white Christian ethnostate holding back the Islamic world from ruining our women by getting them addicted to non-white penis.

And that is neither a joke, nor an exaggeration.