If you want to understand Putin, learn about Alexander Dugin, the fascist Russian charlatan beloved by the U.S.’s far-right

To me it looks like a case of “going along because of apparent common goals”. Pooty Pie has been brutally oppressing Teh Gays and other things that the US Right really likes, plus those people think Russia is all white, so it has become a “beacon of hope” of sorts for dreams of white supremacy. They’re getting played half the time (via FB and such) and playing along the other half because the ends they want justify whatever means Russia chooses. If a few places that Republicans don’t care about get invaded here or there, well, that’s the cost of doing business. The ends always justify the means on the right.


Eurasia has always been at war with Oceania.

By the way, the NY Times claims that Putin has been hanging out with Yuri Kovalchuk, whose ideas sound entirely compatible with Dugin’s. Dugin isn’t mentioned in the Times article at all, although my first thought when I read the article was “Wait, is this Kovalchuk guy just Dugin Lite? Sure sounds like it.”


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There’s also Ivan Ilyin. And possibly Julius Evola.


Reminds me of something I read recently…


Yeah, we have:

A whole load of us happy mutants have been calling this one for years. I’m sure none of us enjoy being correct, but the plan has been being openly followed for a while.

Also, humanity sucks at learning from history, because I seem to remember “release a book detailing exactly what your plans are” was a plot point in last century’s conflict as well.


‘I doubt Marjorie Tailor Greene or Madison Cawthorn and other anti-Ukraine lawmakers have spent much time reading Dugin’s turgid polemics’

You could have left out the last three words.



I’m not sure that I’ve been picking up all the spellings.


Sounds like Alex Jones, does Dugin have a podcast? /sarcasm


A quote from here

Jones, who runs the conspiracy site InfoWars.com, said he appeared on the orthodox Tsargrad network in late December and was showered in praise by its editorial director, Alexander Dugin.

Katehon, a really weird russian think tank, has the transcript.


This. The moves and aims, including Brexit were telegraphed by Foundations of Geopolitics. Lots of people, from “End of History” neoCons through diplomatic appeasers to Useful Idiots and Tankies just brushed it all off as alarmism.


Could it be that they didn’t really brush it off as alarmism, but merely were excited about a return to “history” as it were? :thinking: They found meaning in the struggle for history, and so when it “ended” they were at a loss and as such welcomed it’s return?


I’m sure some of them were saying “bring it on”: heirs of the John Birch Society, military gunstrokers, Chao addicts, etc. Sociopaths who want the worst as described in this book:


It really irritates me that the only translations of this ‘very important book’ I’ve been able to find were:

-a 16 page summary
-a 461 page google translation
-a few thesis with scant passages translated

Now, I’ve heard of and read about this this book since … I dunno, years back … maybe a decade ago!

So how is it that an English translation is STILL not to be found? You’d think that at the very least global intelligence agencies would have translated it and those would have been published or at least leaked. Or an intrepid scholar fluent in Russian seeing a market for the text who could have done a for-profit translation, especially seeing how much it is alluded to in international policy discussions.

And, to be fair, the past decade HAS validated quite a bit of the tactics intimated in that 16 page summary.

But I find it … well, at the least highly questionable that a reputed translation hasn’t shown up since 1997. Especially since the Trump years.

It is almost suspicious. And at the least VERY strange.


Which book do you mean? Dugin’s works? Or the one that mentioned in the OP Dark Star Rising (which seems readily available on Amazon)?

You could ask if your local library can get copies for you from interlibrary loan.

If you’re meaning The Foundations of Geopolitics, the link to the Amazon UK version of the ebook is right there in the OP…


Julius Evola, Ivan Ilyin, Dugin, Kovalchuk, Rene Guenon…Steve Bannon loves all those guys. Oh, my: the Treaty of Westphalia (end of the Thirty Year’s War) was a debacle for their neo-medievalist vision for you and me.

Bannon wanted Sarah Palin to run, but the chips weren’t there. He tried to convince people that Phil Robertson - yes, the Duck Dynasty beardie - was some sort of 2nd coming. Then, Trump came along. Bannon actually told his biographer Joshua Green that Trump had been “talking abou these ideas for 25 years.” As if Trump has ever had ANY “ideas” except for making himself richer, or convincing everyone he’s a sexy, “very stable genius.”

Just tryna add some context.


This guy claims to have been translating Dugin, but Foundations of Geopolitics isn’t among them.


Now, why do I get the feeling that when Dugin calls Alex Jones “a true American man” it’s because he thinks Americans are generally “loud-mouthed idiots, with no knowledge or understanding of the wider world whose ignorance and arrogance makes them easily manipulated”?


No, Foundations of Geopolitics.

The link is to that supposed ‘google translate’ translation.

A foundational, seminal work … and since 1997 all there is is a google translate version?!?

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