Putin expresses doubt in Trump and America over protests


This, a million times. A second term for Trump may or may not be useful for Russian interests. I will not be surprised to hear that Russia is meddling in the 2020 election to support Democrats, because it will completely undermine both parties. Republicans can’t investigate too much or complain too loudly, because of course their guy was supported in 2016. Not that they won’t complain or investigate, but it will involve even more contortions than usual.

If Biden wins, there will always be questions as to the legitimacy of his presidency. Democrats will be hard-pressed to say that the election wasn’t fair, that Biden didn’t legitimately win and shouldn’t be president, because Jesus effing Christ, that means Trump gets another four years.

It’s not like Biden is a particularly strong candidate, anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia had a side-campaign to support his nomination, because he won’t be the hardliner that, say, Hillary would have been.

It’s all about causing chaos, weakening America, continuing and strengthening the culture war so we’re fighting each other, and diminishing our standing on the world scene. We’ve seen and done this exact thing to other countries, none of this should be a surprise.


Anybody disagree with that?

But, of course, everything wrong with America is Putin’s fault. :roll_eyes:

Said no-one, ever on this site. But feel free to keep arguing with straw men here.


They’ve already got it bad. It’s currently at over half a million cases over there, and increasing at 8k a day according to the official figures:

All according to plan:


Well, not everything, just the sort of stuff mentioned by @Mongrove above.

If you don’t think the Putin regime has an interest in exacerbating and sometimes sowing division and chaos in Western countries for its own benefit, you’re not as familiar with current Russian geopolitical doctrine as others here. Thanks to @Purplecat for saving me the trouble of posting the relevant link to the Dugin book.


But the current division and chaos is not Putin’s fault?

Per capita, Russia ranks #30 in cases and #45 in deaths.
(it’s half a million cases total, not per day)

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I wouldn’t blame its root causes on the Putin regime. But the usual Russian troll accounts have been busy trying to make the current division and chaos worse.


GOP assholes indicating that some forms of gun control do not necessarily contradict the 2nd amendment in 10, 9, 8, 7, …


Problem with useful idiot is that idiot is idiot. (read with Russian accent, of course)


Putin wants a weak America.
Not a America that is utterly unpredictable and unreliable.


The line between those outcomes is a very thin one. Which is one of the reasons that Putin signalling to his asset that he needs to cool it a little (while squeezing out a little propaganda victory in the process).


We’re well over that line. This is much more than Putin bargained for, but the genie is out of the bottle now. No one can “control” Trump.
The other thin line that this whole mess has crossed is the one that separates assets and liabilities.


Not even in the need to send cops as he could count on locals this time.

My take on this is that Putin is belittling trumps ego by saying he cannot control his people and thus he needs to crack down on the peaceful protests, furthering the divide in our country, not cooling it down.


Every time 45’s supporters ignore what is happening, it reminds me of Data’s struggles with the settlers in “The Ensigns of Command.” I get the feeling this is why government officials went along with the demands to reopen everything, because show works better than tell with that crowd:

Sometimes, I wonder what percentage of those folks (in a similar scenario) would argue to the end that Data was exaggerating, and decide to stay and take their chances with the Sheliak.


Meanwhile, in the White House bunker: