Ack Flag: A design mashup of 'Cathy' and Black Flag


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I was thinking of Kathy Acker, but that’s with a ‘K’.


Waiting for Ack! Thppt! Flag


I love Kathy Acker. She didn’t half put the punk in cyberpunk :smiley:


I wonder where she got the images for the cat pins? That’s Terry Deroy Gruber’s work from Cat High: The Yearbook and published only 33 years ago. Likely still under copyright.


Being unfamiliar with Black Flag, I would have thought that this had something to do with TCP/IP.

What sort of pun could you do with a Syn Flag?


I have to admit it — I like Cathy.

There, I said it.


I get what it was trying to do – relating the problems of an independent single working woman like the old Mary Tyler Moore Show, but like Garfield it just seemed so lazy in its content. So many of them were 1) Cathy being upset that her latest diet wasn’t working 2) Cathy being nagged by her mother to get married 3) Cathy being annoyed by her boyfriend. Eventually she got a dog, which at least added a new topic to the mix.


“I got a Kit Kat and nothing to do
I got a Kit Kat and I don’t need you!"


Now is as good a time as any to admit that my Black Flag tattoo is upside-down…


Sounds like a cry for help!



I mean, it looked right in the mirror!


Henry Rollins would not be happy about this. Seriously.


Is there anything at this point that hasn’t been made into a black flag logo?


My favorite


LAZY. That is the word I have been looking for for that comic since I was a young lad.

It was the continual recycling of stereotyped jokes and the appearance of “pro-woman, making her way in the world”


Agreed! Moar kittehs!

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