Black Flag/Iain Banks mashup tee

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Only if they add an “M” to the Iain Banks shirt.


I was trying to figure out what the Ian Banks / Black Flag / four bar logo connection was, thinking there was some subtle, clever reference I didn’t get, but the H.G.Wells/Wu-Tang design makes me think it’s just arbitrary mash-ups, instead. (Based roughly on vaguely comparable name lengths?) Too bad.


Uh … didn’t they? What letter do the strokes in the center resemble?


Huh, I guess you could take it as that. As intended, the shirts are all random mashups with band logos. In this case, Black Flag.


I had a copy of The Wasp Factory with a cover that vaguely reminded me of the Black Flag logo. I’m not sure why it did, or if I’m misremembering it, but it rings true to me.

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Huh, I haven’t seen that cover. I think the edition I read was minimalist and colorful, but looking at his book covers in general, it seems like his more Gothic work inspired quite a few stark, black and white covers. Though given the seemingly random nature of the other author/band mash-ups, I wonder if it isn’t a coincidence.

Although now that you bring that up, I wonder if there isn’t a Wasp Factory/Black Flag pesticide joke in there… (I suppose there is, even if it wasn’t intentional.)

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Is there some Rule 34-esque law that says there’s a Black Flag parody shirt for anything that exists?


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