Classic album covers mashed up with Star Wars characters


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I feel so uncool. I could identify about 1/4.


Album covers or Star Wars characters?


Lawl. And were those twins from the Shining?


No “Nevermind”/Bacta Tank mashup?


My first thought was maybe an Ewok, or maybe whatever that underwater thing was from Episode 1 – but no, the bacta tank would be the way to go.


He needs to do something with this one…


Punk rock pedantry: the Han Solo one isn’t really an “LP cover”, or at least I can’t think of a Black Flag cover that looks like that, it’s just mashup with the Pettibon/BF logo.


Why would you do this to Nick Cave? With Whiney McWhingypants?

It’s like pre-Birthday Party Nick Cave if he decided not to do all that heroin…


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