Activist Shaun King relaunching Frederick Douglass' abolitionist paper, North Star

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Good on him, I hope he does it justice.


A good step of a healthy rebellion: organize philosophically.


Thanks BB, did not know this was a thing.


If you haven’t read Douglass’ autobiography “Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass”, seek it out at your local library. It’s great reading.


"In 1847, with slavery still in full force, two brave men, Frederick Douglass and Martin Delany started an abolitionist newspaper called The North Star "


Slavery is today in full force.

I trust that the new North Star will be speaking about it.

Or stop by UNC Chapel Hill’s library’s Documenting the American South site and read it online:

Or grab any of the Internet Archive versions.

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Awesome, thanks for sharing that. I loaned out my copy a couple years ago and never got it back. Interesting thing about that book is that he didn’t go into detail about how he escaped slavery because he didn’t want to publicize it and jeopardize the chances of others who wanted to follow a similar journey. I wondered how he did it up until about 15 years ago when my town had a Frederick Douglass reenactor speaking in a public park as part of the city’s sesquicentennial celebration. This gentleman looked exactly like Frederick Douglass and, in character, shared his experience and then took questions from the audience. I asked him how he escaped and I finally got my answer. (He dressed as a sailor and travelled through Delaware carrying papers that identified him as a free black seaman).

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