MLK in a hoodie

“APRIL 4TH, 1968,” by Nikkolas Smith for “The Gun Show.” You can purchase prints here. READ THE REST

This images for HOODIE anything are really starting to stack up:

This seems to suggest that the Zimmerman trial was based on discrimination. It was really based on a lack of evidence and an overzealous prosecution. MLK Jr. fought to end state discrimination against black americans. Even if you think Zimmerman racially profiled Martin, he was well within his rights as a private citizen to (supposedly) be a racist dick. I hate how everyone is foaming at the mouth over this issue.

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Haha, I knew when you were complaining about “hate speech” and going on and on about absolute free speech that you were not really all that concerned with actual civil rights.[quote=“Asbrodean, post:3, topic:3886”]
I hate how everyone is foaming at the mouth over this issue.

There, there. Somehow you’ll manage to get through it.

See what you did there. Thankfully only “the state” was discriminating against blacks…

“You don’t care about civil rights” Prove it.

I don’t get what is being said here. Is the artist trying to conflate Trayvon Martin with a civil rights icon? Or just trying to cash in on the hysteria surrounding the verdict? I see that you can purchase prints of this image. The website itself makes no mention of the money going to an actual cause, aside from lining the pockets of the artist and paying for the website’s operating costs.

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Your extremist comments speak for you. Funny how libertarianism compliments white supremacy.

I don’t think everyone’s getting their panties in a bunch because Zimmerman was a racist. Everyone’s getting their panties in a bunch because he killed Trayvon Martin. Jesus Christ

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