Activist sprays Aston Martin dealership with orange paint

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Oh, that’ll buff right out.


Said “activist” ordered an orange Aston, got delivered an Apple-Green one.
“Here’s the colour I ordered, asshole!”

(I live in the town where these knob-replacements are made. Even the people who work there, ugh.)


I was going to support climate change protests but this desecration of a sacred money wanking symbol is a step too far and alienating ordinary people. It’s elitist. These people just want to drive their cars in peace.

Am I doing it right?


I feel the sarcasm.
But frankly these protest aren’t the brightest idea to attract people to the cause.
Except attracting people that want to throw paint on walls.


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News reports of 70% of wildlife dead, dead rivers, and the hottest weather ever recorded in October in Europe this last week alone haven’t, so I’ve run out of fucks to give to be honest.


I wonder if the dealership will eventually dip their manicured toes into Irony Pond and go with the lowest bid for the cleanup work. Expensive = The Best. Right?


want to throw zero-VOC paint on walls


This edgy People’s Hero™ is a real master of getting his message across. /s

Seriously, say the bloody name of your organisation. What’s the injunction against and who’s issuing it? Why are you targetting Aston Martin in particular? Does the orange paint have any symbolic meaning or was it just on special at the hardware store?

Come on, dude. There’s more than a century’s worth of best practises available for these kinds of demonstrations, and at least two decades’ worth of evidence that anarkiddie tactics don’t work. A just cause deserves competent activism.


This activism seems to be people who need attention and a feeling of moral superiority. Not specifically this at the Aston Martin dealership but also the earlier time where these idiots splashed pain on a Van Gough painting.

It’s like sending an email. In the subject line, you want to indicate what the email is about, and what action is desired. “Draft of this weeks presentation attached; please send comments”, for example.

The same should be true with activism: “This ____ thing is going on; we need to take this action ____”. But in this case, all they are conveying is, “Look at me, look at how much I care about climate change, look at how morally superior and important I am”. And even if people seeing this don’t consciously articulate that, they all understand it. And that’s not a way that gets support for anything.

A possible subtext linking both the attack on these historical European works of art, and an attack on quintessentially British Aston Martin, may be, “I’m attacking western civilization”, which may win some friends, may lose others, and obviously isn’t about climate change.

To be clear, I really don’t care about Aston Martin Inc and I’m not crying over whatever they are losing.

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Feeling hyper-cynical this morning, I’m forced to wonder if JustStopOil (with its carefully managed theatrics) is a false flag op.


It wouldn’t be the first time that attention-seeking activists like Comrade MiddleClass Whitebread here were duped by the powers that be. Anarkiddies have been notoriously easy marks for police agents provocateurs and infiltrators since the anti-globalisation demos of the 1990s.

It does seem to be a legit organisation rather than a false flag op, but the Climate Emergency fund could obviously spend that money on more effective activists than these clowns.

Most of the money for its operations comes from the Climate Emergency Fund, based in Los Angeles, which began with a foundational grant of $500,000 from Getty Oil heiress Aileen Getty.



Ian Anderson (of Jethro Tull) penned these lyrics in his song, Sabatour: “I anticipate a cleansing opportunity to take the horns by the bull”… which happens to describe terrorists’ strategy. I think JustStopOil is grabbing the wrong bulls.

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Better orange paint and tomato soup than bullets and bombs.


Serious question: is there still much of a point to “building awareness”? It seems like everyone’s already aware, the problem is that a lot of people (especially those in power) don’t care.


There are specific instances where more awareness might help. There’s a lot of greenwashing that needs to be exposed, for example. However, raising general awareness about the climate emergency by spraying paint on a random dealership of ICE vehicles or ruining a painting with no links to the fossil fuel industry doesn’t really do much except to show how stupid and self-satisfied these protestors are.


Must be a McLaren fan. Or maybe a Max fan.

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The movement is funded by a heir to the Getty fortune, so attacjing ICE vehicles can be seen as an atonement of sorts, while attacking the van Gogh helps comparatively improve the standing of the JP Getty museum-- which isn’t so gauche as to display tomato bisque stained paintings.