Activists are crowdfunding to build a wall around Trump Tower


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I don’t think that quite qualifies as building a wall “around” Trump Tower, especially since it will only be 200 feet long.


But evidently they are hoping Mexicans will [help] pay for it. And [help] build it…

And it won’t work, either… Almost certainly is an idle blowhard gesture even to talk about it… So there are similarities


Sounds like a great way to sucker people out their money, since it will never happen.


Reminds me of TV Nation’s “Members Only Town” thing.


They might build it more effectively with tubular bag rolls from Cal-Earth.


What is this, a wall for ants?


“Take that, Donald Trump!”
“Oh. He’s not here.”
“He already knows. He told me to tell you to go fuck yourselves.”


Why so far away, and not around anything? That’s like Trump building a wall between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


I sure hope they give up on the wall and just give all the money to I Have a Dream. Buying $60,000 of sand seems like a waste, unless you sell sand. And what will they do with all that sand when NYC tells them they can’t dump it in the street. I’m sorry, not all ideas are good.


Despite living on this island, I think it makes sense for these activists to take a cue from John Carpenter:

This way Trump can still shoot someone on 5th Avenue and nobody would stop him. Except maybe a chaotic neutral guy with a gun (and eyepatch).


But that’d also trap all of the Wall Street bankers behind the wall!


I’m genuinely uncertain if there’s a real point to this expenditure of particular money and effort. I absolutely would love to stop Trump and I have no objection to protesting him, but this just seems too convoluted and clever by half.


And this is where any of that “sucker” money’s gonna go, my precious cynic:


Especially since they could have just sent him a bill for building a wall around Trump Tower. At least as clever and not nearly so convoluted.


So … bonus? Woohoo!


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