Activists recorded pouring bottles of milk on floor at Harrod's department store

I found out some years ago as well. When looking for a quick link to post here i also thought to myself “Are dogs also lactose intolerant?” and looked that up today. The answer is: Probably. Some dogs might digest it fine but generally speaking they can’t, which brings to mind the whole Puppachino thing might be doing more harm than good if the whipped cream that coffeeshops are giving dogs is dairy based.

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Most of the time “for dogs” stuff is specifically non-dairy and sugar free sine both are generally an issue.

Dunno with the puppachino thing, but that’s always the case with the whole “ice cream for dogs” thing and any dog biscuits that look like people cookies.

Anecdotally, I’ve never met a dog that won’t eat cheese. But I am sure some dogs won’t digest it well.


This is the key. I allow my cats to do things like lick the cup after I’ve eaten yogurt and lick the bowl after I’ve eaten a bowl of cereal, but it would be disastrous in larger amounts.


Oh, no doubt it won’t work. And no argument from me, they picked the wrong target. They should be doing something actionable against the large, corporate dairy companies. Hopefully their jail time will give them a chance to think that through.

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Not just dairy, meat and fish, too. Banning n’duja, confit, bratwurst or beef rendang would be a major loss to humanity’s cultural heritage.


I’m not sure there are underpaid grocery workers in Harrods, but then again I also wouldn’t be surprised if they exploited their employees, like their clients are used to doing.

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Just cause it’s expensive doesn’t mean the mop guy is making a living.

Even in places with those “labor rights” (sp?) we Americans hear rumors of retail and grocery aren’t particularly nice places to work.

Even if they’re making a fair wage.

Protest, like comedy, should never punch down.

The CEO of Global Sinister AgCorp: The Musical doesn’t give a shit if Harrad’s has a clean up on aisle 7.


I don’t know whether I would call a store that has a turnover of between 400 and 800 billion pounds a year (not a typo) in one location a grocery store, but as I said, I wouldn’t be surprised if they underpaid their employees

The thing is, the way the world is going it may be moot. With massive drought, rising prices and starvation we’ll be happy to eat whatever we can get.

The protestors do have a valid point, but with these kinds of protests I wonder whether the publicity is a benefit or just turns people off.

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I typically loathe the term because it’s often used by alt righters to denigrate actual, useful activism, but this is literally just “virtue signaling.” I’m assuming they’ll get some kind of restitution penalty that requires them to pay for more than just the milk on top of whatever insurance might cover. They’re not doing anything productive here. It’s actually creating more demand.


In ethology, signaling “virtue” is very costly.

(There’s probably a study that models the culture of right wing tattooing practices using virtual signaling. If you can’t hide it under a shirt, or under long sleeves, it’s understood as a commitment to the movement. I wonder if the right wing’s practice of mocking the “virtue signaler” is informed by a sense of knowing irony.)

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I’m not sure why this is worth going over again. But I’m well aware of what Harrod’s is.

If you think that it being very profitable and expensive means one bit of that 800 billion pounds is going to working people, or that Lord Expensive Pear the Luxury Fruit King personally wipes the floor with a gilt cloth every night. I don’t think you’ve been paying attention.

Harrod’s is currently owned by Qatar. The literal slave state.


As are most humans. Cath ain’t wrong that dairy is horrible for the environment and for animal welfare, but also, it’s not fucking food for humans anyway, and the idea that it is is propagated by the minority of lily-white mutants who developed the highest tolerance for the stuff.

I mean, you’re describing what vegans…do? Like is this supposed to be a clever gotcha? Vegans don’t wear animal stuff, etc.

If you want to alert folks to the fact that veganism is a political outlook and associated praxis, and not just a diet, I think you’ll find it’s not vegans who are under that misapprehension.

That said, the purity testing you’re advocating is counter-productive and dumb. Even someone who is inconsistent and, like, takes medicine that has been tested on animals, but also takes political action against the dairy industry, is still doing something that betters the world.

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“Milk is bad,” I think

“That food you’re consuming was never meant for humans!” is kind of a silly statement considering that the last couple hundred thousand years of human history could be summarized as the story of how a bunch of bipedal apes figured out innovative new ways to extract food from their surrounding environment.


We have two simple government level demands:

First: Government supports farmers and fishing communities to move away from animal farming and fishing as part of an urgent and immediate transition to a plant-based food system.

Second: Government commits to rewild the freed-up land and ocean as part of a broader programme of wildlife restoration and carbon drawdown.

They are literally demanding we walk things back to a pre-stone age, not just pre-industrial age. Make Pangea Great Again.

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ETA: Furthermore, Nike flyleather is still at least 50% leather fiber, so if I have to immediately go vegan, then they’re gonna have to adhere to rules that force them to extremes, too.


Great. :unamused:

These guys aren’t vegans, they’re naive primitivists who haven’t realised that veganism is reliant on some form of agricultural society and that their demands are incompatible with that.

I try to avoid these guys, between them and Carnivores I always end up feeling like anorexia nervosa is a better idea. I was anorexic 20 years ago, so this isn’t some insensitive comment, I honestly just want to stop eating again.