Activists recorded pouring bottles of milk on floor at Harrod's department store

I am comprehending their statement/manifesto correctly, yes?



I was just complaining about having to deal with them in political spaces and the mental suffering they cause to people who can’t medically manage a vegan lifestyle without massive changes in society.

Most vegans are understanding of the issues, it’s just the loudmouth minority who are the problem.


I feel the same about the folks gluing themselves to artworks.

Do that shit at the gas pump. Oil paintings have no serious physical relevance to the petroleum industry, unless you count logistics for the sale of pigments.


Jail time? For this little ‘prank’? I doubt the police were even called. I bet security just threw them out.
(Which, as I noted above, would not have been my desired outcome.)

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Vegans don’t wear animal stuff

Vegans are just people who follow a certain diet. Sure, many do so out of a concern for animals and don’t wear leather, but others may do so for health, culture, environmental reasons, and so on and would see no contradiction in wearing a leather jacket or shoes.

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Since the activists are protesting against the human use of milk because it represents cruelty to animals, it should be safe to assume they are ethical vegans who, simply put, don’t wear or use leather etc… But of course there are personal decisions made by everyone who adopts a philosophy like veganism.

Wouldn’t be the first time :woman_shrugging:t2:


Yeah, but this was in the UK.

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