Activists teaching Australian Aboriginals to protect themselves by recording their interactions with law enforcement

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I could imagine that for Aboriginal Australians they might still get harassed even with law enforcement knowing that they’re recording but at least they’ll have proof of the encounter. Granted there’s always a chance they might try to confiscate their devices.


There is a need for automatic uploading of videos to a server in a country that will not give in to authoritarian overreach.


There are a few solutions that i can think of. Streaming encounters, syncing to a server as it records (if signal is bad they can set up a local mesh that they can sync to for faster and more reliable uploads), etc. Likely these solutions will need to be spearheaded by activists, but i certainly hope more can be done to protect these peoples from abuse.


Not a surprise, given the numbers of Indigenous people incarcerated. Also, a motherfucking federal parliamentarian - and Trumpy wannabe, I suspect - used his maiden speech yesterday to call for a return to the ‘white Australia’ policy of the 1950s and total banning of ‘non-christian’ immigration (for which you should, of course, read ‘Muslim’). Jesus fucking christ. What a total arsehole.



Here is a brief style guide regarding appropriate terminology when writing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples:

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, about 75% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians live in urban areas. Here are some other photos you could have used:

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In return, you can provide to me a style manual about how to properly format comments, as I clearly fail at this.

The racist arseholes aren’t just restricted to those in uniform…

Motherfucking Murdoch press scumbags are a big part of the problem too.

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