Aussie cops filmed beating kid with autism, disabled senior, and more


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CCTV? I could see if a disloyal citizen recorded this on a cell phone, but CCTV? Aren’t they monitored to make sure things like this aren’t recorded?


I’m worried that it’s just a small fraction of assaults like this that comes to light. The rest are dealt with exactly as you said.


Goddammit Australia! This is not the way to imitate the US!


Damn, i thought it was just us. Damn.




“and more”

Gosh. I can’t wait.


So it is not necessarily racism in Australia, but full blown thuggish stupidity?


Very few people, if any are just racist. Racism is nearly always comorbid with just general-purpose hate for things that are different, appear different, or can be, with some effort, imagined as different.

So it is racism and a whole bunch of other things.


Victorian Police are notorious for repeated acts of thuggish behaviour. In Oz, if you see another report of some civ being beaten theirs even money it’s Victoria.

Most infuriating (and saddest) case I saw was this, via excellent reporting by The Age and ABC. A depressed man was reported to police by his therapist because they thought he was suicidal. So what do they do? Drag him from his home, beat him, capsicum spray him, hose him down on his front lawn, then film him on their phones while they laugh at him. All caught on CCTV.


I wonder how many of us who read Boing Boing and are horrified by rampant sociopathic police brutality have ever even briefly considered becoming a cop? I know there is no way I could have handled a job that is basically confrontations with angry people all day.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know that the liberal expectation that we can just pass a law and then somehow expect the people we passed the law against to be the ones who will enforce it is nonsensical on its face.

If liberals want people in security jobs to do the right thing, I’ve come to believe that the only solution is for liberals to make sure that they are doing those jobs.

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Melbourne again:



And for the cherry on top…



Pigs gonna pig.

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Can’t remember the guy’s name now, it would have been in the 1980s but he was a police recruit who didn’t fit the blue collar mold. He followed the rule book, and had to leave the force due to harassment. The last I heard, police command had to effectively put him above the law by telling front line police to never approach him, because he couldn’t drive his car for more than half an hour without being pulled over.

The Vic police have a very strong locked in culture which is almost impossible to break. It features an internal immune system which detects and attacks non-complying members.

It was only this week, that we found out that for more than a decade, police had been falsifying breath tests for alcohol, by recording zero results when the result was anything but zero. It was about hitting quotas, and front line police basically came up with a scheme on their own to ensure that the quotas would be met.

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I had hoped we were better than that.




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